WHY ARE AMERICA’S SCHOOL BOARDS HARASSING, INTIMIDATING, AND THREATENING THE PARENTS THEY’RE ELECTED TO REPRESENT?  “Va. school board sues moms after docs ‘inadvertently and mistakenly’ released through FOIA request.”

Virginia school board is suing two mothers, arguing that documents “inadvertently and mistakenly” released through a Freedom of Information Act request and shared online included confidential information.


The Goldwater Institute on Thursday filed a motion with a Virginia judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the Fairfax County School Board against Debra Tisler, who obtained documents from the board through a Freedom of Information Act request, and Callie Oettinger, who shared the redacted documents on her website.


“It’s a shameful abuse of authority and a form of bullying by school officials who are the employees of Callie and Debra,” Timothy Sandefur, the Goldwater Institute’s vice president for litigation, told Fox News. “For the school board to turn around and sue them for trying to be engaged citizens concerned about what’s going on in public schools their tax dollars pay for – it’s disgraceful and the school board should be ashamed of its behavior.”

I know Tim Sandefur with the Goldwater Institute. He’s very smart and very principled. I’ll bet money on Sandefur in this one.