October 20, 2021

WELL, WELL, WELL. WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE?  “Xinjiang officials overseeing detention camps studied at Harvard: Two administrators received fellowships to attend university’s centre on governance and innovation.”

Two officials involved in overseeing China’s vast network of detention camps for about 1m ethnic minority people in Xinjiang have studied on coveted fellowships at Harvard University, according to research by an Australian think-tank.


Yao Ning, a local party secretary of the Communist party who was honoured this year by Beijing for his work in Xinjiang, studied as an Asia fellow at Harvard University’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation between 2010 and 2011, according to a report by the Canberra-based Australian Strategic Policy Institute.


Erken Tuniyaz, chairman of the Xinjiang region, spent a few months at Harvard’s Ash Center as a new world fellow in 2012. Xinjiang’s chair ranks as the region’s second highest official after the party secretary, Chen Quanguo. In a speech in February, Tuniyaz defended Xinjiang’s internment camps as “counter-terrorism and deradicalisation measures”.

I wonder if Merrick Garland also studied in the same Harvard program?

“DOMESTIC TERRORISM” ALERT! “‘Just Unconscionable’: Parents Protest Outside The Justice Department Against ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Label.”

Frustration at school boards boiled over for some parents and activists who protested outside of the Department of Justice building in Washington, D.C. Sunday.


A small crowd gathered for the “Parents Are Not ‘Domestic Terrorists’ Rally,” a reference to Merrick Garland’s Oct. 4 memorandum that called on the FBI to “use its authority” in response to the “disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff.” . . .


Parents are expressing their concerns with how children are being educated, said Brian Schultz, a Fairfax County taxpayer and parent of a former Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) student, who he and his wife now homeschool. He believes children are learning things that are inconsistent with American values.


“They are forcing children to hate each other through CRT (Critical Race Theory), and they are also not listening to us when it comes to things like having porn in schools,” Schultz told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “We want that to end.” . . .


One mother, Stacy Langton, went viral for her comments at a FCPS school board meeting where she lamented about two books featuring child pornography and pedophilia available to students as young as 12 in the district’s libraries.


“I had 30 seconds left on my two minutes to speak, and they cut the feed and cut my mic and wouldn’t let me finish,” Langton told the DCNF. “Just a few days after that was when Merrick Garland issued the statement from the DOJ coming out against parents who speak at school board meetings like me.”


Langton called the NSBA and DOJ’s actions “ridiculous” and “fundamentally un-American.”

This is what “domestic terrorism” look like:

THE UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH IS NOT A SERIOUS INSTITUTION OF HIGHER EDUCATION: “Students, faculty demand Sewanee revoke evangelical Eric Metaxas’ honorary degree.”

PATHETIC: “Leading physicist resigns in protest after speaker invite request denied over George Floyd riot comments.”

A leading climate physicist at University of California, Berkeley, resigned in protest after his colleagues rejected his bid to invite a speaker to campus following outrage on the speaker’s views on the sweeping violence last summer after George Floyd’s death.


“I hold BASC and its faculty – my friends and colleagues – in the highest regard, and so it has been a great honor to serve as BASC’s director these past five years. But it was never my intention to lead an organization that is political or even ambiguously so,” David Romps said in a Twitter thread explaining why he resigned as director of the Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center.


He resigned Monday after Berkeley rejected his request to invite Dorian Abbot to speak on campus, according to his Twitter thread. He will officially leave the position by the end of the year or when the school finds a replacement.


Public schools across the country are eliminating gifted and talented programs, removing advanced courses and overhauling admissions processes to achieve equity across racial categories.


Removing gifted and advanced courses is a no-cost way to cover up the racial achievement gap while ignoring its root causes, according to Harry Jackson, president of the Thomas Jefferson High School Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA).


“Gifted programs and advanced courses provide a mechanism for low-income households to achieve a stellar education for their children and serve as a ‘great equalizer’ to those families that opt for private education,” Jackson told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “By eliminating gifted programs and advanced courses in the name of equity, they will create greater inequities,” he said.


Black students make up 15% of the student population and 10% of the gifted student population, while Hispanic students make up 27.6% of the student population and 20.8% of the gifted student population, according to a Fordham Institute study. Those student groups are 49% and 23% less likely to participate in Advanced Placement programs than their peers, respectively, according to the Fordham Institute.

SOMETIMES YOU CAN’T MAKE UP THIS STUFF. As I’ve said many times, I’m not a psychiatrist, so I have nothing to say about this: “Ohio college student ‘angry’ and ‘scared’ after ‘cisgender men’ installed radiator in dorms: ‘Safe space’.”

A student at Oberlin College in Ohio described being “scared” and “angry” after the school announced a work crew would be installing radiators in a “safe space” dormitory for women and trans students, explaining the crew would likely be “cisgender men.”


“I was angry, scared, and confused. Why didn’t the College complete the installation over the summer, when the building was empty? Why couldn’t they tell us precisely when the workers would be there? Why were they only notifying us the day before the installation was due to begin?” Oberlin student Peter Fray-Witzer wrote in an op-ed published in the college newspaper on Friday.


The student said he grew concerned because he had not heard of the installation plans before a school email was sent on Oct. 7. He explained that the crew would likely be cisgender men entering Baldwin Cottage, which is home to a “safe space” for “women and transgendered persons.”


“In general, I am very averse to people entering my personal space. This anxiety was compounded by the fact that the crew would be strangers, and they were more than likely to be cisgender men.”


The work crew eventually showed up at the dorm, and Fray-Witzer described that he saw “immediately that they were all men.”


SERIOUSLY, THE #JUST-WALK-AWAY MOVEMENT APPLIES TO COLLEGES AS WELL. “College students: Whites need to be ‘re-educated’ on race, 59% back CRT.”

Most college students, including a majority of white students, believe that racism is so rooted in America that whites need to be “re-educated” on the issue, and one way is through the forced teaching of critical race theory.


In a survey of students from McLaughlin & Associates for Yale University’s William F. Buckley, Jr. Program, 71% agreed that “systemic racism is a big problem in society today and white people still contribute to it, whether they realize it or not.”


What’s more, 66% said that “most white Americans need to be re-educated about the true history of America and what it means to be actively anti-racist.”


And when it comes to changing the nation’s view of racism, 59% told the pollster that they “favor allowing the teaching of critical race theory in all high schools and colleges, which says America is founded on white supremacy and most laws and institutions in America today are inherently racist.”

DECLINE AND FALL OF MEDICAL SCHOOLS. Remind me to never have surgery performed by a doctor from the University of Louisville School of Medicine: “Medical School Hosts Seminar on ‘Body Terrorism’ Against ‘Fat LGBTQ+ People’.”


THE ULTIMATE ACT OF “DOMESTIC TERRORISM”: PULLING ONE’S CHILDREN FROM THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS: “Parents Allege Arizona School Disregarded Opt-Out From ‘Gruesome’ Curriculum.”

Watch this video:


October 19, 2021

IN THE IMMORTAL WORDS OF MARIE ANTOINETTE, “Let them freeze.” “Oberlin student miffed at male maintenance workers entering ‘Women & Trans Collective’”


“DOMESTIC TERRORIST” ALERT—Crazy Mom Edition. THE MILLION MOM MARCH COMES TO DC: “Virginia Parents Announce ‘Not a Domestic Terrorist’ March in Washington.”

ON THE ONE HAND: “TX Public School Leader: Books on the Holocaust Should Be Balanced with ‘Opposing’ Views.”

It’s another day ending in “Y,” so there’s more upside-down, crazy stuff from the left.


As in — let’s all be Holocaust deniers.


That’s what Gina Peddy last week told Texas teachers in a school district near Fort Worth.


Peddy, an executive director of curriculum for Carroll Independent School District in Southlake, was training teachers on how to stock their classroom libraries in light of new legislation requiring schools to present varied viewpoints on controversial subjects, according to the Southlake podcast of NBC News Digital. . . .


That’s where Peddy decided that, somehow, the Holocaust is controversial. Peddy, in effect, said there’s more than one viewpoint to genocide.


“Just try to remember the concepts of [House Bill] 3979,” Peddy said, as she was secretly recorded, with the recording given to NBC. “And make sure that if you have a book on the Holocaust that you have one that has an opposing … that has other perspectives.”

AND ON THE OTHER HAND: “Texas School District Backtracks: There Are ‘Not Two Sides’ to Holocaust.”

A Texas school district attempted to walk back a scandal late Thursday after teachers were told in a meeting to present “both sides” of the Holocaust. “During the conversations with teachers during last week’s meeting, the comments made were in no way to convey that the Holocaust was anything less than a terrible event in history,” Carroll Superintendent Lane Ledbetter wrote on Facebook. “Additionally, we recognize there are not two sides of the Holocaust.” The meeting, led by the Southlake, Texas, district’s head of curriculum, had urged teachers to conform with Texas House Bill 3979, which requires teachers to balance out “widely debated and currently controversial issues” with a both-sides approach.


“As we continue to work through implementation of HB3979, we also understand this bill does not require an opposing viewpoint on historical facts,” Ledbetter wrote. “As a district we will work to add clarity to our expectations for teachers and once again apologize for any hurt or confusion this has caused.”

ISN’T IT NICE THAT YALE CARES SO MUCH ABOUT YALE STUDENTS EVERYWHERE? “Yale says COVID restrictions apply to students in other states

WHATEVER. Maybe the Reason Foundation should spend less time trying to “reform” the system and more on encouraging parents to #Just-Walk-Away: “The First Step to Rightsizing Education Spending is Reforming Teacher Pensions.”

DON’T CELEBRATE TOO SOON.  It’s not a victory unless the professor never teaches again. “VICTORY: VT replaces prof who apologized for being White on syllabus

COMING SOON TO A PUBLIC SCHOOL NEAR YOU: 1+1=social, economic, and political injusticeColleges offer ‘social justice’ math classes for students, future teachers

THIS ARTICLE IS FULL SEXIST SNARK BUT EVEN BAD ADVERTISING IS GOOD ADVERTISING: “Moms for Liberty has turned ‘parental rights’ into a rallying cry for conservative parents.”

The three-dozen women who showed up at the Brevard County school board meeting last week wore identical “Moms for Liberty” T-shirts, declaring they don’t “Co-PARENT with the GOVERNMENT.” . . .


In 10 months, Moms for Liberty has grown to 135 chapters in 35 states, with 56,000 members and supporters, according to the organization’s founders. The group hopes to one day have chapters in all 3,143 counties or equivalents in the United States.


“Now is the time to capture these parents for the long-term,” said Tina Descovich, a co-founder of Moms for Liberty. “If you miss this opportunity, when they are really engaged [during the pandemic], it’s going to be hard to engage them in the future.”





NO, THIS NOT A GRIFT AS SOME ARE SUGGESTING. Kendi is simply cashing in on the delirium of the new religionists. And, as P.T. Barnum once said, “there’s a sucker born every minute,” well at least in Michigan that’s apparently true. “EXCLUSIVE: UMich paid Kendi $20k for a one-hour virtual event.”

The University of Michigan paid Ibram X. Kendi $20,000 to speak at a one-hour virtual event in November 2020.


Campus Reform obtained the contract through a public records request, which detailed that the November 11 speaking engagement would occur on Zoom.


The university’s November 2020 talk, “Discussion with Dr. Ibram X. Kendi,” centered around the Boston University professor’s book Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America.


“SOME AMERICANS cling desperately to the myth that we are living in a post-racial society, that the election of the first Black president spelled the doom of racism. In fact, racist thought is alive and well in America – more sophisticated and more insidious than ever,” the book description reads.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN . . . ??? “As student violence surges, educators say mental health issues are ‘absolutely through the roof’ and draining teachers.”

“First-graders slapped a teacher in the face, second-graders slapped a teacher in the face, middle schoolers corralled around a teacher and shoved her,” she said. “Every single day I get a story from an educator.”

I wonder if the NSBA and U. S. Attorney General Merrick Garland consider this to be “domestic terrorism”?

VERY INTERESTING. “It’s Time to Face the Facts on School Closings.”

If you were a school superintendent considering whether to keep your district open in-person or move to online, how would you decide? Most people would suggest you look at COVID-19 case numbers in your community. Perhaps you would consider the vaccination rate, and if you had students with auto-immune disorders or other risk factors, maybe you would consider that. Most Americans would find these sorts of considerations reasonable.


As it turned out, this was far from what happened in American schools last year. An analysis of school-closing data on the nation’s 150 largest school districts reveals something entirely different. Rather than the progress of the disease in a local community, the most important predictor of remote schooling was a school district’s historical propensity to prioritize the interests of its teachers over the competing interests of its students.


We looked at specific ways districts favor teachers over students, such as prioritizing teacher seniority over new teachers and teacher performance, granting teachers more days off, and limiting the number of hours students spend in school each day. Districts that had historically scored high on these metrics were significantly more likely to opt for the remote-learning format last year. In aggregate, these measures of district-level teacher favoritism do far more to explain remote vs. in-person school decisions than every other variable we tested, including the COVID-19 infection rates in the community. When investigating the demographic features of school districts, we found that student-favoring districts were significantly different from teacher-favoring districts. Student-favoring districts were wealthier, whiter, and less urban and had a higher percentage of families who spoke English at home. However, even controlling for these demographic variables, teacher-favoring districts were far more likely to opt for remote learning.


Turns out the children from poorer, multi-ethnic backgrounds were screwed, basically, by those places that had strong teachers’ unions. I recommend that you read the whole thing.

October 18, 2021

MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE ADMINS WEREN’T INVITED TO THE PARTY: “Yale administrators demanded conservative law student apologize to peers for ‘triggering’ them

CRT IS BAD HISTORY, AND IT’S IMMORAL TO BOOT: “What Is Critical Race Theory, Really? And why that’s often the wrong question.”

. . . As the debate over the teaching of various critical theories in U.S. public schools has heated up, major papers have published wave after wave of articles denying that critical race theory is taught much at all outside law schools, while other writers have drawn the most technical of distinctions between “CRT” and other academic specialties like critical theory, whiteness studies, critical pedagogy, intersectionality, white fragility, white privilege theory, and so on.


This debate over semantics might provide an interesting basis for a panel at a scholarly conference, but it’s of little use or interest for parents concerned that their children are being taught partisan nonsense. While technical differences exist between the various critical paradigms, virtually all of them share three baseline assumptions: that racism is “everywhere,” and supposedly neutral systems, such as policing or standardized tests, are set up to oppress minorities; that to prove the existence of this oppression one need only note that large groups perform at different levels; and that the solution to this problem is equity—or proportional representation of all groups across all endeavors.


Xi Van Fleet, who as a child endured the Maoist Cultural Revolution in China before immigrating to the United States, has spoken with Fox News and other news outlets to explain how Garland’s Department of “Justice” and the National School Boards Association are using tactics similar to those she witnessed in communist China to take control of children and prevent parents from having any say.


If you think that sounds far-fetched, well, did you grow up in China during the Cultural Revolution?


What she saw then was disturbingly similar to what we’re seeing in American “cancel culture.” The goal in those days was to cancel traditional Chinese culture and destroy Chinese heritage. The spate of statue-toppling by leftist rioters that destroyed symbols of our national history would have been smiled upon by Chairman Mao.


“When I was in China,” Van Fleet said, “I spent my entire school years in the Chinese Cultural Revolution, so I’m very, very familiar with the communist tactics of how to divide people, how they canceled the Chinese traditional culture and destroyed our heritage. All this is happening here in America.”. . .


After Garland’s announcement of the tough stand he’d take against parents, she had more to say. “I do have a question,” she told Fox. “What’s [the] next step? Is the Tiananmen Square crackdown the next, or the parents who one day risked their lives just to speak out for the children? That’s why I’m here.”

Watch XI Van Fleet eviscerate the Loudon County School Board:


WHAT HAVE I BEEN TELLING YOU FOLKS FOR OVER A MONTH NOW? The Education Establishment regards your children to be their children: Whose Children Are These? From vaccine mandates to enabling life-altering surgery for children, California’s public officials are usurping the role of parents.” I urge you to read the whole article. I’m leaving out the truly horrifying stuff.

Sadly, the state is now leading the nation in stripping parents of their childrearing authority.


For starters, Governor Gavin Newsom announced a vaccine mandate on October 1, making California the first state to require that public and private school students age 12 or older be fully vaccinated for in-person instruction. (Unvaccinated students will have the option of enrolling in an online school or attending independent-study programs offered by districts.) The mandate will go into effect once the Food and Drug Administration approves vaccines for kids over age 12. Depending on when the expected FDA decision comes down, students will need to get the jab by either January 1 or July 1 of next year. Next up are schoolchildren ages 5 to 11, who will be forced to join the vax club as soon as the FDA greenlights it for them. Newsom recently claimed that so far, 63.5 percent of kids between 12 and 17 had received at least one dose of the vaccine. . . .


“It’s unconscionable that a society uses its children as shields for adults,” says the Hoover Institution’s Scott Atlas, an M.D. and former advisor to President Trump. “The children do not have significant risk from this illness.”

What effect Newsom’s mandate will have on school enrollment remains to be seen, but California public schools have already lost more than 160,000 students, a 2.6 percent decline—the largest enrollment drop in two decades—since the start of the pandemic. A mandate isn’t likely to reverse that trend. And since the edict also covers private schools, look for homeschools and micro-schools in California to grow. According to California Globe, immediately following the announcement of the mandate, homeschooling and tutoring inquiries were up dramatically, with some homeschooling sites crashing from the sheer volume of parents searching for information. Many teachers may follow students out the door, since they, too, must be vaccinated. . . .


Legislative totalitarians in California are usurping the role of parents. Unless they leave the state, parents and other concerned citizens will need to find a way to push back.


Lest we forget (see point five under Color Group Collectivism):

And, of course, you must never-ever forget, and I will never let you forget, the immortal words of Melissa Harris-Perry:

There is one and only one solution to this: take ownership and control of your children and #Just-Walk-Away. Let a million new home schools bloom.

And it looks like some moms are refusing to turn over their children to the State:

EVEN CALIFORNIANS HAVE LIMITS: “California parents, teachers plan statewide walkout to protest school vaccine mandate.”

California parents and teachers who oppose school vaccine mandates are planning a statewide walkout Monday, according to reports.


News about the planned protest has spread on social media, with organizers suggesting that parents pull their children out of school and that teachers and staff who support the protest stay home.


California became the first state to mandate vaccinations or coronavirus testing for eligible children to attend in-person classes at public and private schools after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the requirement Oct. 1. Students who don’t comply will be required to do an independent study. There are medical and personal belief exemptions.


Resolution number 1:

This school board will not accept, nor utilize any material, from The New York Times’ “1619 Project,” which argues that slavery is the central theme of U.S. history, that 1619 is the year America “began,” and that the Revolutionary War was fought to preserve slavery.


Democracy – government of, by and for the people – is the central theme of U.S. history. Immigration is a more important theme than CRT. Virtually all Americans are immigrants or descendants of immigrants.


Resolution number 2:

This school board will not apply for federal education grants in the U.S. history and civics curricula.


The Biden administration’s U.S. Department of Education has proposed a rule stating that it will prefer grant applications which incorporate CRT-type themes in the projects for which funding is sought. An application incorporating CRT is against the policy of the board; an application not incorporating CRT is a waste of time and resources, since it would have no chance of being approved and funded.


Resolution number 3:

This school board rejects the resolution adopted this past summer by the national convention of the National Education Association, namely “NEA New Business Item 39.”


NEA New Business Item 39 states “The NEA will provide an already-created, in-depth, study that critiques empire, white supremacy, anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeneity, racism, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, anthropocentrism, and other forms of power and oppression at the intersections of our society, and that we oppose attempts to ban critical race theory and/or The 1619 Project.”


It should be noted that “NEA New Business Item 39” was removed from the NEA website within a week of its adoption.


Resolution number 4:

This school board will not accept books from the American Federation of Teachers nor from the First Book non-profit, which are distributing for free books by Ibram X. Kendi, an activist scholar. In his book “How to Be an Antiracist,” Kendi states that “The only remedy to past racism is present racism. The only remedy to present racism is future racism.”


Naturally, the only way to interpret this quote is that the “remedy” is to discriminate against whites. The cure for racism is not more racism.

THE EDUCATION DEEP STATE WANTS TO EXTEND THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOL SYSTEM TO INFANTS AND TODDLERS. This is a recipe for disaster on several different fronts, and you should resist it with all your might, but for god sake don’t act like, ya know, “domestic terrorists”: “Childcare Entitlement Will Send Federal Costs Skyrocketing.”

President Joe Biden and the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives are struggling to gain support for their $3.5 trillion reconciliation package, with moderates saying it is too costly. The new childcare entitlement is a perfect example of its largess. The Democrats want the federal government to cover childcare expenses for rich and poor families alike, funded through higher taxes and borrowed money, while driving up childcare costs through wage mandates and new regulations on childcare providers at the same time. Not only is the childcare entitlement a recipe for skyrocketing federal costs, it will magnify current problems by pushing out small, family providers through increased requirements, and reduce family choices in the process.

October 17, 2021

AT A CERTAIN POINT, PARENTS HAVE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE WELLBEING OF THEIR CHILDREN. If your child is being abused at school, you have a moral responsibility to get them out: “‘I Get Scared To Go To School’: Uptick In Violence In Baltimore County Schools Has Students Fearful & Parents Concerned.”

Videos from Dundalk High School are circulating online showing students fighting each other in the parking lot.


“They tackle each other to the ground. They fistfight and bleeding everywhere,” said Nazario.


And students like Ileana Nazario say it’s happening across the county.


“Kids getting slammed into walls getting slammed into lockers. I just get sick and tired of it. It’s horrible, really horrible,” said Nazario.

GOOD: “GOP Congressman Questions Garland’s Ties to Woke Learning Company.”

A Republican congressman is questioning Attorney General Merrick Garland’s ties to a left-wing education company after the Justice Department directed law enforcement to investigate threats against school officials at public school board meetings.


Rep. Doug Lamborn (R., Colo.) on Thursday asked Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz to investigate Garland’s connection to Panorama Education. Founded by Garland’s son-in-law, Panorama creates race- and gender-based surveys for students. Lamborn called Garland’s connection to the group “concerning,” given his recent attempts to meddle in school board meetings.


“While working in authoritarian fashion to halt dissent at school board meetings across the country, a company cofounded by AG Garland’s son-in-law is making millions on curriculum that delves into Critical Race Theory and Gender Theory,” Lamborn told the Washington Free Beacon. “The family of the attorney general should not profit, while millions of American parents across the country are being silenced.”

THIS KIND OF THING HAPPENS A LOT. These young men need to, in the words of Barack Obama, “hit back twice as hard.” They could start with good lawyers. “Hoax: No substance to rape allegations against Oklahoma university frat.”


ALL IN THE FAMILY. The Ruling Class takes care of its own: “Panorama Education, Co-Founded By U.S. AG Merrick Garland’s Son-In-Law, Contracted With 23,000 Public Schools & Raised $76M From Investors.”

Garland’s son-in-law is Xan Tanner, co-founder, board member, and president (2012-2020) of Panorama Education. Panorama Education sells surveys to school districts across the country that focus on the local “social and emotion climate.” These surveys are then used as justification for new curriculum from other providers that some parents call critical race theory and find objectionable.


Tanner’s company has a large footprint with contracts in 50+ of the nation’s 100 largest school districts. The company describes its business as supporting “13 million students in 23,000 schools and 1,500 districts across 50 states.”


In 2017, Panorama raised $16 million in a private funding led by Emerson Collective, with participation from Spark Capital, Owl Ventures, SoftTechVC, and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative — owned by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and his wife Priscilla Chan.


The capital raised, along with the changing political landscape, likely helped Panorama grow from 400 school systems in 2017 to 1,500 systems today – a nearly four-fold increase in business.


Then, just last month – weeks before the Garland directive to the FBI – Panorama closed on a $60 million private financing raise with venture capital firm General Atlantic. According to the press release, existing investors Owl Ventures, Emerson Collective, Uncork Capital, CZI, and Tao Capital Partners also participated.

Read the whole thing.

I’M STARTING TO THINK THAT MR. ZIEGLER IS GOING TO NEED SOMETHING MORE THAN A RESIGNATION LETTER. Probably time to lawyer up. “Scott Ziegler, Loudoun County Supt., Faces Calls to Resign Over School Assault Allegations.”


AND YOU STILL HAVE YOUR CHILDREN IN THE LOUDOUN COUNTY SCHOOLS, WHY? “Loudoun County Superintendent Appears to Admit District Violated State Law by Not Reporting Sexual Assault.”

The superintendent of a Virginia school district on Friday appeared to admit the district violated state law in failing to properly report alleged sexual assaults, as a state official confirmed the matter is under review.


Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler made the admission during a brief appearance before reporters, where he read a prepared statement and took no questions.


Ziegler said that the district made “errors in our state reporting regarding disciplinary incidents in schools,” adding that it “inadvertently omitted some information in the past.” . . .


“That is extremely concerning, and we are taking steps to make sure that process is improved. I will say that I have no reason to believe at this time that any missing reports were due to an intent to hide any information from the Virginia Department of Education,” he said, blaming an alleged “lack of oversight” that was in place before he was appointed in June, even though he served as interim superintendent starting Jan. 1.


Ziegler appeared to be responding to a report by The Daily Wire that the district failed to record multiple instances of alleged sexual assault even though it’s required to by state law.


Ziegler said during a school board meeting on June 22 that he was unaware of any record of assaults happening in the district’s restrooms, nearly a month after a girl was allegedly raped by a male in a bathroom at Stone Bridge High School.

Do any of you think Mr. Ziegler might need a good lawyer?


Math and reading scores for 9-year-old students in the U.S. are flat since 2012, while those of 13-year-olds declined dramatically – representing the first major drops in the subjects since the National Assessment of Educational Progress began tracking long-term academic achievement trends in the 1970s. . . .


“None of these results are impressive,” said Peggy Carr, the associate commissioner in the assessment division of the National Center for Education Statistics, which oversees the administration of the testing and the analysis of results.


“All of these results are concerning, but the math results were particularly daunting, particularly for 13 year-olds,” she said. “I asked them to go back and check because I wanted to make sure [the results were accurate]. I’ve been reporting these results for years – for decades – and I’ve never reported a slide like that.”

THREE HEAVYWEIGHT DEFENDERS OF FREE SPEECH AND ACADEMIC FREEDOM: “So They’re Trying to Shut You Up: How to defend yourself in a free-speech crisis, whatever your politics.”

Calls to take disciplinary action against — and even fire — professors for saying controversial things have become disconcertingly common. Students, administrators, and sometimes even faculty colleagues demand that a professor be punished for expressing dissent publicly — and even privately — from certain widely held views on campus. Politicians and political activists have also gotten into the act, sometimes insisting that a professor be fired before the sun goes down.

Apparently it is not enough to criticize or ignore remarks that are considered to be offensive or inflammatory. The sinner must be hauled before a tribunal, made to recant, disciplined, or even removed from the campus.


Many professors have no idea what to do when a mob is howling for their heads. They have never been through such an ordeal before, and are naturally frightened and rattled. Fortunately, many American colleges and universities have policies in place to protect the academic freedom of research scholars and instructional faculty members. Moreover, some professors have the benefit of tenure protections that can hamper administrative attempts to summarily dismiss them, if only to placate the mob.


But those protections are not enough if academics do not know how to make use of them, or if they make mistakes in the heat of the moment that can undermine their legal position. And rules are only as good as the people who apply them.


Faculty members who find themselves on this unfamiliar terrain need a first-aid kit to minimize the damage until they are able to secure legal assistance to help them navigate the perils of a free-speech controversy. In some cases, self-help will be sufficient to weather the storm. In others, professors will need to prepare for a longer fight in order to keep their jobs and their professional standing.


We offer the following advice as members of the newly formed Academic Freedom Alliance, made up of more than 400 faculty members who span the nation and the ideological spectrum. The group exists to provide moral, strategic, and legal assistance to faculty members whose academic freedom and/or job status have been harmed or jeopardized improperly for something they have said or written. We’ll start with a few broad principles, and then some practical tips, for all faculty members — whatever their politics — who run into trouble after expressing their views.

RACISM ALERT: Elizabethtown College edition. Where do these people think all this racism leads us?  “No whites allowed at anti-racist Elizabethtown College event.”

RACISM ALERT: Elizabethtown College edition. Where do these people think all this racism leads us?  “No whites allowed at anti-racist Elizabethtown College event.”

FINALLY, SOME GOOD NEWS: “1776 Unites Curriculum Highlights the American Character.”

Teachers looking for a history and civics curriculum that focuses on America’s promise of securing liberty for all have a new resource: the 1776 Unites curriculum. A creation of 1776 Unites, an initiative of the Woodson Center focused on reviving American education and culture, the curriculum embraces the “ideas of family, faith, and entrepreneurship that have enabled all Americans – including black Americans – throughout history to move from persecution to prosperity.”


As 1776 Unites members wrote in an open letter to the National School Boards Association and local school boards, the curriculum “offers authentic, motivating stories from American history that show what is best in our national character and what our freedom makes possible even in the most difficult circumstances.”


According to entrepreneur and civil rights leader Bob Woodson, it tells stories of “black Americans who seized their own destinies and flourished despite the harsh restrictions imposed by true institutional racism in the form of slavery and Jim Crow.”


The curriculum currently features 15 units for high school students on black entrepreneurs and philanthropists such as Biddy Mason, Elijah McCoy, and Paul Cuffe; athletes such as Jesse Owens and Alice Coachman; and important events from American history such as the Tulsa race massacre. Woodson says that the units released so far have purposefully “covered multiple lesser-known stories of black excellence and resilience from history.”


Access to the curriculum, which has already been downloaded over 20,000 times, is free with registration at the 1776 Unites website. Each unit contains a wealth of resources including lesson plans, primary sources, questions for classroom discussion, a Power Point presentation, multiple-choice questions, learning standards, and more. A curriculum for K-8 students will be released soon.


Woodson notes that most school curricula have been traditionally “short on inspiring stories of black achievement.” Instead, as seen with the New York Times’s 1619 Project, “the narrative of racial grievance has been corrupting the instruction of American history and the humanities for many decades – and has accelerated dangerously over the past year.” Woodson continues: “The most damaging effects of such instruction fall on lower income minority children, who are implicitly told that they are helpless victims with no power or agency to shape their own futures.”


For this reason, the 1776 Unites curriculum “maintains a special focus on stories that celebrate black excellence, reject victimhood culture, and showcase African-Americans who have prospered by embracing America’s founding ideals.”

This Mike Sabo fellow is doing excellent work as the editor RealClear’s American Civics portal.

MORE FROM MIKE SABO. America would be a better place if he were in charge of the nation’s curriculum but for the fact that EdWatchDaily does not support government education! Still, I’d send my future grandkids to a private school run by Mr. Sabo: “Educating Students about the Victims of Communism.”

THE FIGHT BACK BEGINS: “US Commission on Civil Rights members blast AG Garland for memo on parents protesting school boards.”

Four out of the eight members of the U.S Commission on Civil Rights have penned a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, chastising him for his recent memo regarding parents who protest school boards.


“We write to express our concerns regarding a recent memorandum issued by your office,” the four members wrote in the letter, questioning Garland’s motive for issuing the memo which instructed the FBI to take the lead on a task force to address threats against school officials, including creating a centralized way to report such threats.


The members who signed onto the letter include Commissioners Peter Kirsanow, J. Christian Adams, Gail Heriot, and Stephen Gilchrist.

October 16, 2021

IS LOUDOUN COUNTY THE MOST VILE PLACE TO LIVE IN AMERICA? “COVER-UP: Loudoun County Schools Failed to Report Multiple Rapes Over Years.”

Pennsylvania Votes to Withdraw from National School Boards Association.”

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association is one of 11 state boards that are officially withdrawing from the National School Boards Association following the infamous letter to the White House. . . .


In a statement following a vote to cancel membership, the Pennsylvania School Boards Association cited the letter as the “final straw” in their decision, per BizPacReview.


“The Pennsylvania School Boards Association was not consulted prior to the letter being sent by the National School Boards Association to President Biden,” chief communications officer Annette Stevenson said. “We were not asked for input nor discussion on its content.”

GARLAND MUST GO. But he’s not the only one who should go: all of you with kids in the government schools should go as well—run as fast as you can with your children—and either put your kids in a non-progressive private school or homeschool: “Garland blasted for unleashing FBI on school board squabbles.”

YOU’VE BEEN WARNED. This is on you if you if you permit your children to receive this kind of “education.” Better alternative: #Just-Walk-Away: “Meet the CDC-Backed Groups That Want To Teach Trans Ideology to Kindergartners.”

Justin Thiel, 31, was ready to send his oldest daughter to kindergarten at the public school in his rural Nebraska town. He made a sudden change of plans once he read the new sex education standards adopted by the state.


“I signed her up for a Christian school the day I read the standards,” Thiel told the Washington Free Beacon.


The National Sex Education Standards, which provided a roadmap for Nebraska Department of Education, teach kindergartners the names of reproductive body parts and define gender identity and reproduction. Children in Grades 3-5 are taught about masturbation, hormone blockers used to transition pre-pubescent children, STDs, and the differences between cisgender, transgender, nonbinary, and “gender expansive.” Grades 6-8 are taught about abortion, contraception, and differences between vaginal, oral, and anal sex. Grades 9-10 must teach “reproductive justice,” which entails unlimited abortion access.


Dr. Susan Greenwald, a retired pediatrician in Nebraska who worked with childhood victims of sexual abuse for 35 years, said the standards are closer to “grooming” than age-appropriate education.


“The first thing out of my mouth was, ‘holy s***—what pedophile wrote this?'” Greenwald told the Free Beacon. “This is grooming 101. If you were a pedophile and wanted to teach your kid to be a victim, this would be what you use.”


Dr. Jeanne Stolzer, professor of child development at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, said it is hard to know exactly what impact these standards will have because nothing this radical has ever been taught in schools before.

“It has the potential to really wreak havoc with kids socially, psychologically, emotionally,” Stolzer told the Free Beacon. “Why would we want to experiment on our kids like guinea pigs?”

Good question.

I GUESS IT’S OK FOR FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATORS AT MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY TO ABUSE STUDENTS. “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Students’ mask mandate protest met with locked doors, expletive-ridden emails from university employees.”


THIS IS A GRIFT. Cost of attending Middlebury College is $73,248: “New Middlebury counseling director blames all psychic suffering on ‘whiteness, heteronormativity, patriarchal systems’.”

The new student counseling director at Middlebury College has vowed to use “more inclusive” methods to treat student mental health, including a focus on white supremacy and social justice.


Alberto Soto, who received his PhD. in counseling psychology from Brigham Young University, told the Middlebury Campus newspaper that counselors he worked with in the past often lacked “cultural competency.”


“The body and mind cannot be healed solely by self-care and focusing on surviving,” Soto said. “At some point we must address and identify the source of all our psychic suffering, which is whiteness, heteronormativity, patriarchal systems, etc.”


“To silo healing to a room and not consider the broader systemic dynamic is to ignore the oppression and injustices that impact our overall mental health,” Soto said.

THAT’S BECAUSE THEY DON’T RESPECT “WE THE PEOPLE”: “Today’s School Board Fights Recall the 1970s Busing Battles: The left is again trying to impose racially divisive educational policies in a top-down fashion.”

Like the school-busing proponents who preceded them, today’s progressives have little use for democratic processes and little interest in how their race-conscious schemes might affect a multiracial society that’s growing more so every day. Teaching schoolchildren to obsess over their racial differences is wrong at any time and in any context, but doing so as the nation becomes increasingly diverse is sheer madness.

GOOD: Pretty sure this is going to end badly for Loudoun County: “Loudoun County Update: Family Of Alleged Rape Victim To Sue School District.”

The family of a girl who was allegedly raped in her school bathroom is pursuing civil action against Loudoun County Public Schools under the provisions of Title IX after the release of The Daily Wire’s blockbuster report, alleging that Loudoun County Public Schools covered up the sexual assault.


As The Daily Wire exclusively reported, the victim’s father, Scott Smith, said that a boy allegedly wearing a skirt went into a girls’ bathroom at a local high school where he sexually assaulted Smith’s ninth-grade daughter.


“Juvenile records are sealed, but Smith’s attorney Elizabeth Lancaster told The Daily Wire that a boy was charged with two counts of forcible sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, and one count of forcible fellatio, related to an incident that day at that school,” The Daily Wire reported.


Update: more on Yale: “Yale Law School Triggers Me.”

October 15, 2021

SURPRISE, SURPRISE: THE NSBA IS PART OF THE EDUCATION-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: “Schools Group That Urged Attorney General’s Anti-Parent Initiative Has Ties to Democrats, Unions.”

The National School Boards Association, which urged the Biden administration to use federal law enforcement to investigate parents who speak out on local education matters as potential domestic terrorists, has political ties to the Democratic Party and labor unions. . . .


Although most funding for the National School Boards Association comes from state school boards, the National Education Association—the nation’s largest teachers union and a major donor to Democrat candidates—contributed in the past two years.


The teachers union contributed $68,000 to the national association in 2020 and $50,000 in 2019, according to union reports to the Labor Department. . . .


Political activist Angela Davis, a former member of the Black Panthers and the Communist Party, delivered the keynote address at NSBA’s annual conference in Philadelphia in 2019.



TODAY’S COLLEGE STUDENTS ARE EITHER DEEPLY CONFUSED OR HYPOCRITIES OR BOTH: “Students clamor for stricter COVID restrictions while partying without masks.”


WHO CARES IF HE’S CORRUPT?!?! HE’S FIGHTING AMERICA’S “DOMESTIC TERRORISTS. AG Garland’s potential conflict of interest on son-in-law’s firm backing critical race theory under scrutiny.”

A conservative government watchdog is seeking information related to reports that Attorney General Merrick Garland‘s son-in-law is the co-founder of a company that promotes critical race theory (CRT) in the classroom.


America First Legal (AFL) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with DOJ on Wednesday seeking records related to Garland’s Oct. 4 memo, which directed DOJ’s National Security Division and the FBI to investigate “threatening” parents at school board meetings speaking out against CRT.


In 2018, Garland’s daughter Rebecca married Xan Tanner, co-founder of Panorama Education, a consultancy tied to Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg’s charitable foundation – dubbed the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative – was listed in 2017 as one of several organizations that gave a collective $16 million to Panorama, which would use that for social-emotional efforts.


press release read: “Panorama Education will use the funding to expand its tools that help school districts develop students’ social and emotional skills, promote family engagement with school, and increase college readiness.”


Stephen Miller, America First Legal founder and former adviser to President Trump, told Fox News that it is important to look into any “ethical conflicts” stemming from Garland’s personal family financial interests.


“AG Garland ordered the DOJ to use its vast national security powers to target parents who object to Critical Race Theory being forced onto innocent children. It is therefore exceptionally urgent that the Department disclose all records pertaining to the Garland family’s financial interest in Critical Race Theory and any and all ethical conflicts that arise from that financial interest,” said Miller.


“Accordingly, Mr. Tanner’s financial interest in a business that benefits from CRT and gender ideology indoctrination might render the Attorney General’s participation in measures to promote or protect such activities, including the October 4, 2021 memorandum, ethically problematic,” said America First Legal in the announcement of the FOIA request.

WELL, THAT WAS EASY: “Students support diversity quotas…until it comes to football.” Watch the video at the link.


THE FIRST COMMANDMENT OF AMERICAN EDUCATION REFORM: Abolish the “ed” schools:  “Woke teaching programs create K-12 ‘Social Justice Educators’.”


THE STORY THAT JUST WON’T GO AWAY: “Virginia dad vilified for defending daughter shows rot at heart of system.”

The callousness is what is so hard to stomach from the progressive elites of Loudoun County, Virginia, the wealthy dormitory community of Washington, DC.


They laughed and cheered when plumber Scott Smith was crash-tackled by police and humiliated at a school board meeting on June 22 as he tried to raise the plight of his 15-year-old daughter, who he says was raped and sodomized in the school bathroom by a boy in a skirt. No one expressed any concern for his daughter.


There was no compassion, either, from superintendent Scott Ziegler, who claimed bafflingly at the meeting that there had been no assault in a school restroom anywhere in Loudoun County and airily dismissed parents’ concerns about the risks of transgender bathrooms. Then he gave a little woke homily to show those powerless parents in the room who really was in charge.


“Time magazine in 2016 called that a red herring … we’ve heard it several times tonight from our public speakers but the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist,” he said.

This is what the Education Deep State does to fathers who defend their daughters.

If this story doesn’t make your blood boil, nothing will.

THIS IS A CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT WILL BE GOOD, BAD, AND UGLY : “No college degree? More employers than ever just don’t care.”

SERIOUSLY, WHO REALLY WANTS TO LIVE IN A SOCIETY THAT CANCELS HALLOWEEN? “Seattle school cancels Halloween over ‘equity,’ says Black kids don’t celebrate.


MORE, PLEASE. And watch the video embedded in the article: “Video: School Board Served with $200 Million Lawsuit in Middle of Meeting Over Mask Mandate.”

Public school boards across the country seem to think they are the ultimate authority over students.


As public institutions, these schools should be working for parents and students, not ruling over them.


Between political indoctrination and overzealous “health” mandates, however, it appears most school boards have prioritized flexing their bureaucratic muscles over providing quality education.


A group of 14 parents — with 18 children between them — in Clark County, Nevada, has had enough of this nonsense.


According to the Las Vegas Sun, the parents filed suit against the Clark County School District in federal court on Sept. 20 to eliminate its COVID-19 mask mandate.


The lawsuit demands $200 million in damages and criminal charges to be levied against top school district officials.


In a video that has since gone viral, a man reportedly served the school board with the lawsuit during a local school board meeting.

Remind me: which president of the United States told his followers to “punch back twice as hard”?

LAWSUIT ALERT—LOUDOUN COUNTY EDITION. Don’t turn away. Read this article as painful as it might be. “Sick Discovery in Loudoun County ‘Cover-Up’: Boy Who Allegedly Raped Girl in School Bathroom Had History of Sex Assault.”


October 14, 2021

MIRROR: “University Cancels Classes For 30,000 Students After Suspected Suicide, Mental Health Crisis.”

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill announced that its Tuesday classes would be canceled in observance of a “Wellness Day” as a “step in addressing mental health” while police investigate a reported suicide and an attempted suicide that happened over the weekend, according to a Sunday announcement from Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz.


Investigators received a call about an attempted suicide at around 3 a.m. Sunday morning, and police logged a student death at another UNC residence hall on Saturday morning, WRAL News reported.


“We are in the middle of a mental health crisis, both on our campus and across our nation, and we are aware that college-aged students carry an increased risk of suicide,” Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz said in an announcement. “This crisis has directly impacted members of our community – especially with the passing of two students on campus in the past month.”


“We almost have a second pandemic on our hands with mental health and suicide,” Clare Landis, a responder for Peer2Peer, a student-led group that offers free mental health sessions to UNC students, told WRAL News. Landis said there has been an increase in calls to Peer2Peer over the past two weeks.


I hate to ask the obvious question, but is it possible that university policies are contributing to the “second pandemic”?

YES, IT’S HERE, BUT YOU CAN’T MAKE IT GO AWAY: “VA parent blasts critical race theory push: ‘Communism is here’.”

YOU CAN BAN IT, BUT YOU CAN’T MAKE IT GO AWAY. “San Diego-area school district may ban critical race theory.”



AMERICA’S GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS HAVE CHANGED A LOT IN RECENT YEARS: “Mom Says She Filed Police Report After What She Spotted on Shelves of School Library.”

NO COMMENT: “Horrifying New Sex Ed Standards Mean You Need to Get Your Kids Out of Public School Now.”

School used to be the place where you would send your children to get a proper education.

It was a place where they could learn basic sciences and critical thinking skills.


Today, however, public schools are nothing more than propaganda centers indoctrinating children into the latest far-left ideologies.


Nowhere has this been made more evident than in the sexual education standards currently being disseminated to schools nationwide.


Developed by a coalition of left-wing nonprofit groups, the second edition of the National Sex Education Standards aspires to teach school children about various ideas many parents would likely object to, according to The Federalist.


For instance, the standards require kindergarteners through second graders to learn about ideas related to transgenderism, including “gender” and “gender identity.”


Third graders are taught about “the role of hormone blockers” for transgender minors, an often irreversible procedure many consider to be tantamount to child abuse.


Starting in sixth grade — an age group of 11 and 12-year-olds — and by the end of eighth grade at age 13, students “should be able to” define oral, anal and vaginal sex.

THERE IS, OF COURSE, A BETTER WAY. These potential “domestic terrorists” could #Just-Walk-Away. “Moms File Lawsuit After One Said Middle School Put Her Maskless Kids in Prison-Like Conditions.”

Kristin McKinney, Megan Heim and two other mothers of students in the county have brought a lawsuit against the school board over the district’s mask mandate policies, WTVF-TV reported.


McKinney, the mother of two middle school girls currently enrolled in Williamson County, told The Federalist, “My two middle schoolers have been in In-School Suspension every day this week.”


McKinney’s two daughters are “separated from the other kids from the moment they arrive at school until they get on the bus to go home, sitting in silence in a separate room, with two prescheduled bathroom breaks and, on good days, two 15-minute walks outside,” she told the outlet.


Even though masks are not required in the cafeteria (which is strange — is COVID not able to spread while students are eating lunch?) the school principal told McKinney her daughters would have to eat in isolation, saying “they’re not allowed contact with other students.”


But the Department of Justice has not explained or offered examples of the violence it is referring to in either of these instances. The DOJ did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s many requests for comment on this point.


And as the DOJ’s silence continues, attorneys general, parents, Republican lawmakers and conservative commentators express outraged concern that the Biden administration is using the DOJ to strike back against parents trying to protect the integrity of their children’s education.


Ethics and Public Policy Center senior fellow Roger Severino told the DCNF that such behavior is “prosecutorial abuse.”


“To unleash the DOJ on concerned parents and pro-lifers without cause is prosecutorial abuse in the name of politics,” said Severino, the former director of the Office of Civil Rights under President Donald Trump’s administration.


“If Garland truly cares about threats in education, he should investigate woke college mobs who routinely physically intimidate and threaten speakers who dare to present a conservative point of view on campus,” Severino added.

IT’S ALL A PART OF THE “EDUCATION-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX,” OR WE MIGHT CALL IT THE “EDUCATION DEEP STATE”: “REPORT: Training Urged New Jersey Teachers To Track Conversations With Parents, Students Regarding The COVID-19 Vaccine.

MOST PRIVATE SCHOOLS ARE JUST AS BAD AS THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS: “Students At A DC Private School Could Face Expulsion For ‘Misplaced Humor’.”

Students at a private school in Washington, D.C., could face expulsion for “misplaced humor,” according to the school’s draft “anti-bias” policy obtained by The Washington Free Beacon.


St. Albans, an all-boys school in Washington D.C., is considering adopting a policy that the “impact of hate speech, rather than the intent of those perpetrating it, that is of utmost importance,” the draft policy states, The Washington Free Beacon reported. Students could be expelled “even in the case of a single expression, act, or gesture,” which includes “misplaced humor,” that “should be reported immediately to the student’s adviser.”


The policy also outlines the expectation that students, teachers or parents who witness or have knowledge of “an incident of hate speech, will report the incident to the appropriate individual,” and it encourages such reporting because nobody will be punished for “a good faith report,” according to the policy, the Free Beacon reported. It isn’t clear if the policy is still under consideration or has gone into effect. . . .


The school’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Team consists of 21 teachers and staff to implement DEI initiatives throughout the school, including a DEI training on “How To Be an Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi and a discussion on “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates for all faculty and staff, according to its website. The school’s resource list also includes “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction” by Richard Delgado, Jean Stefancic and Angela Harris and “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People To Talk About Racism” by Robin DiAngelo.

DOMESTIC TERRORISM ALERT—Loudoun County edition: “Loudoun County Parents Demand Superintendent Resign Over Allegations Of Sexual Assault Cover Up.”

On Aug. 11, the school board voted on and approved Policy 8040, which requires teachers to call students by their “chosen name and gender pronouns that reflect their gender identity without any substantiating evidence” and allows transgender students to participate in sports and use bathrooms that correspond to their chosen gender identity.


“The 8040 policy was rushed through to a vote without consideration for the safety of all students, simply to satisfy a liberal agenda – a policy that you knew full well would allow our children to be abused inside our schools,” one mother said at the Tuesday school board meeting, Fox News reported. “At least two young women are recent victims of sexual assaults in our high schools, one of them in a restroom.”


“What is worse than a child being raped at school? The coverup by those who are trusted with the safety and well-being of children,” another mother said, Fox News reported. “Today, Scott Ziegler must resign for the unconscionable act of allowing an alleged rapist back into school to rape again, and for that coverup.”


One 14-year-old LCPS student, Katie Young, said “8040 and many policies that are being proposed are not to make people more comfortable or to accept others but instead to change the way my peers and I think, so that we will become the next generation of social justice warriors.”


“I am 14 years old, the fact that I have to be here defending my rights to not have your radical agenda shoved down my throat in school is not only concerning, it’s upsetting,” she added. “My peers and I are not tools to further your political agenda.”

ALL THE DOMESTIC TERRORISTS IN LOUDOUN COUNTY SHOULD PULL THEIR KIDS FROM THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS. That way they won’t feel the need to commit an act of domestic terrorism. “Loudoun County Update: Sheriff Confirms Daily Wire Reporting, LCPS Responds.”

YALE ADMINISTRATORS ARE SOME OF THE WORST IN AMERICA. Surely Yale can do better: “Yale Law Student Sent a Lighthearted Email Inviting Classmates to His ‘Trap House.’ The School Is Now Calling Him To Account.”

LIKE I’VE ALWAYS SAID, I’M NOT A PSYCHIATRIST BUT I’M PRETTY SURE THIS GUY NEEDS ONE: “Pennsylvania teacher allegedly threatened to shoot school officials over plastic COVID barrier.”

October 13, 2021

THIS IS AMERICA. #JustWalkAway:  “Wyoming School to Honor Student: Wear the Mask Or Wear Handcuffs.”

MORE DOMESTIC TERRORISM “Loudoun County parents demand superintendent resign over alleged sexual assaults in schools.”

More than 60 concerned parents, students and residents spoke at the Loudoun County School Board meeting Tuesday evening, with many demanding the resignation of Loudoun County Superintendent Scott Ziegler in the wake of allegations that the school district covered up two alleged sexual assaults.


Parents attended the school board meeting with signs urging Ziegler to resign.


“This is not China, this is the United States of America, and we will not be silenced,” one irate mother said. “Remove the superintendent immediately and then resign for your negligence and duplicity. End this nightmare!”

And more on this story: “Dana Loesch Torches School Board: ‘They Would Rather Sacrifice Girls And Their Innocence At The Altar Of Political Correctness’.”

COVER UP: BIG STORY BREAKING IN LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA. The mainstream media seems to be working with the EDUCATION DEEP STATE: “Network blackout on ‘gender fluid’ rape claim in Loudoun school.”

KERRY MCDONALD DOES EXCELLENT WORK: “Cities Lead the Way in (Another) Massive Fall Exodus from US Public Schools.”

Many parents pulled their children out of school last year for homeschooling and other private options, as schools remained shuttered due to the coronavirus response. Nationwide, homeschooling numbers tripled last year from their pre-pandemic levels, driven largely by black families who left district schools for homeschooling at the highest rate of any demographic group and are now over-represented in the homeschooling population compared to K-12 public schools. With most schools open for full-time, in-person learning this year, it seemed reasonable to assume that parents would eagerly re-enroll their children in their local district school, tabling last year’s alternative education plans.


That doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, some school districts, such as Los Angeles, have seen a larger public school enrollment drop this fall compared to last fall. L.A. public school enrollment declined by 4.76 percent in the 2020/2021 academic year, while new data show that enrollment is down another 27,000 students this fall compared to last year, or a drop of nearly 6 percent.

Read the whole thing. It’s excellent.

THIS FATHER HAS NO RIGHT TO BE UPSET. He has no right to voice his complaints to the Loudoun County school board, despite the fact that his ninth-grade daughter was raped in the women’s bathroom by a young man dressed in a skirt.  Arrest the father. Throw him in jail. He’s a domestic terrorist: “Loudoun County Dad Says His Daughter Was Raped by Boy in Girls’ Bathroom and School Tried to Cover It Up.”

When Scott Smith went to the Loudoun County school board meeting on June 22, he says he had one intention — to tell the story of his daughter’s rape.


One of the items to be discussed at the meeting was a proposed school district policy that would allow students to enter their bathroom of choice based on their “gender identity.”


A number of protesting parents had gathered to voice their opinions. Others supported the policy, denouncing their more conservative peers as bigots.


School superintendent Scott Ziegler assured parents that there is no reason to be concerned over the inclusion of transgender students in bathrooms and locker rooms.


When Beth Barts, a member of the school board, asked at the meeting if the school district had “assaults in our bathrooms or locker rooms regularly,” Ziegler said that wasn’t a problem.


“To my knowledge, we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms,” he said, according to The Daily Wire (subscription required). . . .

But, according to The Daily Wire, Smith knew these words to be beside the point. He said his child, a ninth-grade girl, had been raped in a girls’ bathroom by a “bisexual” boy.


As Smith was getting ready to say his piece at the meeting, he told The Daily Wire, a left-wing community activist approached and told him that she did not believe his daughter. Strange how quickly the left’s “believe all women” motto has turned into “believe only the women who further our political agenda.”


A shouting match between the two then ensued. This led to a police officer pulling on Smith’s arm. He yanked away, was then hit in the face, handcuffed and dragged out of the meeting, The Daily Wire reported.

Video of this “domestic terrorist’s” arrest can be seen here:


THE FACE OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM. “Horror in Loudoun County Implicates Local and Federal Officials.”

Smith was given a no-trespassing order prior to the meeting that forbids him from telling his story. This was all part of an elaborative cover-up by the school district to not publicize the rape of his daughter. In fact, when Smith showed up at the school to complain about what had happened, they essentially accused him of lying and called the police, not on the transgender rapist, but on Smith himself for causing a scene. Luckily, he was able to get his daughter a rape kit that evening that confirmed the crime.


Further, moments before Smith’s arrest, the school board announced that they had no record of any rape regarding their transgender policies at their schools. That is what set the desperate father off. He had an Antifa “anti-racist” activist at the meeting claim his daughter was lying. When an argument ensued, police grabbed his arm. When he pulled his arm away, he was assaulted and thrown to the ground, handcuffed, and drug out of the room.


And while the far-left prosecutor’s office, which would eventually try to throw the book at Smith over his arrest at the school board meeting, insisted they were taking the rape case seriously, the same boy was let back into the school system. Within months, he had committed another rape.

PRETTY SURE THIS YOUNG LADY AND HER FAMILY NEED TO DISCOVER HOMESCHOOLING: “Wyoming teenager arrested after refusing to wear mask on school grounds, family says.”

CALL THE DAMN FBI. Report these parents (aka “domestic terrorists”) to the federal government’s Counter Terrorism authorities. “Orange County Public Schools board chair ejects parents, speakers from meeting.” (H/T Instapundit)

At the direction of the Orange County Public Schools board of education chair, parents and members of the public were ejected from the Oct. 11 board meeting by Orange County sheriffs’ deputies.


The reason? Apparently speaking about concerns and topics that were not on the meeting agenda.


Attendees were also subjected to metal detectors and told they could not congregate on the premises of A.L. Stanback Middle School where the meeting was being held.


Several times during the meeting, Mackenzie was heard to say, “you cannot talk on that topic,” before motioning for deputies to remove the person. Loud booing throughout the auditorium followed.


Orange County schools’ policy manual does not include language dictating what a speaker can or can’t talk about beyond barring discussion of personal information, student information or addressing a specific board member with a grievance.


“If you don’t speak about agenda items you will be asked to leave,” Mackenzie repeated several times.


In the background, a male attendee yelled, “You’re shutting down parents! You shut down parents. You advocate for a Communist cause and that’s going to be exposed.”

Shouts from the audience were fairly steady throughout the public comments portion of the meeting.


Following additional yelling and gavel banging, another individual attempted to address curriculum, but the moment he uttered the words “racist behavior” Mackenzie intervened, saying she could “not let you speak on that,” while sending deputies to intercept him and walk him out.


Even when speakers attempted to address an item on the agenda, a resolution to “address harm caused to students by incidents of hostile and racist behavior,” Mackenzie gaveled them out of order and still had them escorted out by law enforcement.

We will not tolerate parents who talk back to us. Upload your videos of the FBI and send to Merrick Garland’s new snitch line.

ALAN M. DERSHOWITZ: “Garland Memo on Parent Protests May Chill Free Speech

Summary of Dershowitz’s argument:

  • The memo acknowledges that “spirited debate about policy matters is protected under our Constitution.” …. Nothing wrong with that. But no similar memo was directed against Black Lives Matter and other far-left groups that not only threaten violence against public officials and private citizens, but also engage in a considerable amount of criminal conduct, such as arson and destruction of property.

  • As a result of this timing, context and apparent lack of concern for the Black Lives Matter type of protests, many parents are understandably worried that the Justice Department may be engaged in selective investigations and ultimately selective prosecutions.

  • The most distressing aspect of this memorandum is its apparent focus on right-wing activities, as distinguished from equally dangerous left-wing activities. The rule of law must always pass the “shoe on the other foot test.”

  • In the past, the ACLU vigorously protected the rights of Klansmen, Nazis and other right-wing thugs with whom they fundamentally disagreed. They worried about the chilling effect that government threats could have…. These concerns seem to have been subordinated to partisan and ideological considerations.

  • I like Merrick Garland. I supported his nomination to the Supreme Court. And I think he was a good choice for Attorney General. It is in this spirit that I call on him to clarify his memorandum in two respects: (1) by making it clear that law enforcement will not investigate or prosecute raucous protests that fall on the protected side of the Constitutional line; and (2) that whatever standards law enforcement does apply must be applied equally to protests by left-wing agitators.

  • I disapprove of teaching captive student from the “critical legal studies” playbook, precisely because it is not critical or objective. It tends to be propaganda rather than education. But I will defend protests against both views with equal vigor, because the First Amendment does not distinguish between protected and unprotected protests based on content, and neither should the Justice Department.

THIS DOESN’T REALLY MAKE ME FEEL ANY BETTER ABOUT THE STATE OF AMERICAN HIGHER ED: “Some Universities, Even Public Ones, Actually Support Free Speech.”

EXCELLENT ESSAY BY JOY PULLMAN. Read it: “In New York City, The Left Tells Parents Yet Again: Your Kids Belong To Us.”

As if the striver types who keep New York City’s lights on need any more reasons to flee, outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he’s canceling gifted education for “equality.” The New York Times claims in its “report” on the announcement Friday that “the highly selective program” “has become a glaring symbol of segregation in New York City public schools.”


The change — which is up to de Blasio’s successor to carry out — is another glaring indication that Democrats now feel comfortable openly flexing their complete dominance over U.S. public education and their use of it, not to educate, but to fuel their political machine. Leftists’ displays of complete power over public schooling have fired like artillery shelling in the past two years.


Just take stock of what we’ve only recently witnessed: The Biden administration’s announcement that parents upset with systemic racist indoctrination could be investigated by the FBI as “domestic terrorists”; going on three school years of anti-science school COVID rules that benefit teachers unions at the expense of America’s future; the false and destructive 1619 Project assisting schools nationwide in teaching anti-Americanism; California Gov. Gavin Newsom announcing COVID shots are required for kids to attend school; the almost instant saturation of transgender ideology in public schools, to the point teachers who cannot make themselves use reality-falsifying pronouns are summarily fired.


“Your Kids Belong to Us”: Think this is an exaggeration? Of course, our old friend, Melissa Harris-Perry sums it up best:


October 12, 2021


THIS IS A TOTALLY EVIL IDEA. Imagine judging people on the basis of merit. It’s outrageous. I won’t have it. “Meet the two professors working to replace DEI with MFE: ‘Merit, Fairness and Equality’.”

The mantra of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, or DEI, has become increasingly dominant in higher education, but two professors have created an alternative to DEI called “Merit, Fairness and Equality,” or “MFE.”


MFE would evaluate university applicants based on their merit and qualifications alone, and treat them as individuals, rather than as members of a group, like DEI does, the two professors told The College Fix in email interviews.


Professor Dorian Abbot of the University of Chicago and Professor Iván Marinovic of Stanford University, both tenured, have together created this alternative framework, which has, according to Abbott, “not been enthusiastically received by DEI officers all over the country.”


In fact, Abbot was recently disinvited from giving a prestigious guest lecture at MIT in part because of backlash over a recent op-ed he co-authored with Marinovic in Newsweek headlined “The Diversity Problem on Campus,” which touted their Merit, Fairness and Equality proposal.


MFE is about university applicants being treated as individuals, and making it so they are “evaluated through a rigorous and unbiased process based on their merit and qualifications alone,” Abbot told The Fix.


This is in contrast to DEI, which, according to Marinovic, is an ideology that views American society, its culture, and institutions, as endemically racist and sexist.

THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO STAND: “The Empire Strikes Back: DOJ Death Star Aims at Parents.”

SERIOUSLY, JUST WALK AWAY: “High school begins all staff meetings with ‘commitment to dismantling whiteness’.”

A high school in Minnesota now begins all of its staff meetings with a commitment to dismantling “processes that benefit whiteness.”


Richfield High School Principal Stacy Theien-Collins revealed her school’s commitment at last Monday’s school board meeting, Alpha News.com reports.


“We’re going to start like we start all of our high school meetings, which is with our Richfield High School vision of equity,” Theien-Collins told the board. She noted “100% of her staff” added input on this “vision” last school year, and that every Richfield staff member created “a personal vision of equity.”


Richfield’s commitment states:


“At Richfield High School we believe in providing a rigorous and equitable education reflecting the strengths and experiences of our community. We believe students learn best when they feel safe and affirmed in who they are. Therefore, we commit to dismantling policies and processes that benefit whiteness and other systems of privilege.”

YUP: “School board meetings show only that freedom is messy.”

Freedom is messy. Our discussions about things that matter to us, such as our children, are chaotic, disruptive, and, yes, divisive. They drive wedges — that’s a feature, not a bug.


In the past few months, parents across the country have become frustrated with extremist curriculum choices that their school boards are making. In response, they have done what Americans have done for generations — show up at school board meetings to voice their concerns.


In many cases, their concerns cross traditional political, racial, and socioeconomic lines and are at odds with the Biden administration.


Garland is now using the FBI against parents on the grounds that school board members feel threatened. But what does “threatened” look like? Is it someone yelling at you? Disagreeing with you? Holding an opposing opinion? Who is defining those threats?


This memo wasn’t just designed to target those who would commit violence. It was also clearly designed to stop regular people with real concerns from voicing those concerns because of the fear anything they say will deem them a domestic terrorist, an event that would destroy their personal, community, and professional lives.


It is downright chilling to think that there are parents out there who are worried that they are going to end up on a government list or under some type of government scrutiny if they decide to go into a school board meeting to give a public comment on an issue.

BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU THAT MOST UNIVERSITIES HAVE SPENT A LOT MORE MONEY ON DUMBER THINGS THAN THIS: “Rutgers athletic department spent $12,400 on power napping machine.”

AND YOU WONDER WHY PARENTS ARE UPSET AT SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS: “Loudoun County Schools Tried To Conceal Sexual Assault Against Daughter In Bathroom, Father Says.”

On June 22, Scott Smith was arrested at a Loudoun County, Virginia school board meeting, a meeting that was ultimately deemed an “unlawful assembly” after many attendees vocally opposed a policy on transgender students.


What people did not know is that, weeks prior, on May 28, Smith says, a boy, allegedly wearing a skirt, entered a girls’ bathroom at nearby Stone Bridge High School, where he sexually assaulted Smith’s ninth-grade daughter.


Juvenile records are sealed, but Scott’s attorney, Elizabeth Lancaster told The Daily Wire that a boy was charged with two counts of forcible sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, and one count of forcible fellatio, related to an incident that day at that school.


As a result of the viral video showing his arrest, Smith became the poster child for what the National School Boards Association has since suggested could be a form of “domestic terrorism”: a white blue-collar male who showed up to harangue obscure public servants on his local school board.


“If someone would have sat and listened for thirty seconds to what Scott had to say, they would have been mortified and heartbroken,” Lancaster said.

Most of this story is behind a paywall, but it’s a blockbuster.

More reporting on this story here: “Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak has harrowing and disturbing story of LCPS’ crusade against father whose daughter was allegedly raped by ‘gender fluid’ student.”

THE FACE OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM: “Why Are Moms Like Me Being Called Domestic Terrorists?

I am a mother of four, a criminal defense attorney and a lifelong liberal who is deeply concerned about the direction of New York City’s public schools. I’ve been outspoken about my views, along with an untold number of frustrated parents. For that, the FBI is considering using the PATRIOT Act against me. . . .


As it turns out, the threat is me. The threat is parents showing up to dress down school boards over their dereliction of duty. That is what the NSBA considers a crime. . . .


Many of the parents who are on the receiving end of the federal government’s chilling message are new to school boards, new to speaking up and, to say the absurd part out loud, clearly not domestic terrorists. The combination of extended Covid-related school closures; mask mandates; an increasingly extreme race- and gender-focused curriculum; and the removal of tests, honors classes and merit-based admissions has created a bumper crop of engaged — and, in many cases, enraged — parents rightfully concerned about what is happening in their children’s schools. The videos of their pleas, sometimes with kids in tow, have gone viral precisely because they are so authentic and heartfelt. . . .


You may disagree with parents like me who do not want our children indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory, masked during recess, or told that their biological sex is is not real. But in a free society, we don’t call the feds to police our fellow Americans because we don’t share their politics. . . .


Why should our children — in class, in front of their peers — be required to discuss their sexual orientation? Give their pronouns? Renounce their “privilege”? Plumbing children for this kind of personal information is grotesque and inappropriate, and it has everything to do with the worldview of Critical Race Theory. Anyone who denies as much is lying.

Do yourself a favor and read the whole thing.

And while you’re at it, you might as well read The Redneck Intellectual’s response to “A Declaration of War.”

GEE, DO YA THINK? “Professor from Soviet Union warns anti-racism agenda in U.S. is ‘rehashing of Marxism’.”

A professor of pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Pittsburgh who came to America 30 years ago as a refugee from the Soviet Union is sounding the alarm on the growing anti-racism movement in the U.S., saying it’s basically a rehashing of Marxism and socialism.


Professor Michael Vanyukov, a professor of pharmaceutical sciences, psychiatry and human genetics at the University of Pittsburgh, warns that essentially race has taken the place of class warfare in the narrative.


“Like the Soviet communists, who used class-based hate and rhetoric to control the ‘masses’ and build the society of ideological slaves, the ‘Diversity’ departments use race. In a way, that is worse, because one can change one’s class, but race is forever,” Vanyukov told The College Fix in an email.

October 11, 2021

STUDENTS ARE NO LONGER PERMITTED TO CONDEMN GENOCIDE: “Emerson College Suspends Turning Point USA Over Anti-CCP Stickers.”

THE DEATH OF FREE SPEECH: “Higher Ed’s Free Speech Death Spiral.”

WELCOME TO AMERICA’S GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS . . . middle school . . .  and we’re talking Kansas and not Brookline, MA: “Parents Concerned Over Sexually Graphic Books Found In Kansas Middle School Class Library.”

“According to Board of Education policy, all books on the district’s K-12 reading lists must be approved by the Board of Education as they support the Olathe Public Schools curriculum,” the statement added.


In “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” passages describe sexually explicit content such as, “He reached his hand down and pulled out my d**k. He quickly went to giving me h**d. I just sat back and enjoyed it as I could tell he was, too.”


“He didn’t know I was a virgin, and I did my best to act dominant like my favorite porn star,” the book continued.


“For the first few minutes, we dry humped and grinded,” another passage read. “I was behind him with my stomach on his back as we kissed … he pulled out some condom and some lube … I had never done it before … I had one point of reference, though, and that was seven-plus years of watching pornography. Although the porn was heterosexual, it was enough of a reference point to get the job done.”


Just so we’re clear, my primary objection to this is the poor quality of writing!

LOOKS LIKE THE MEDIA IS WORKING FOR THE SECURITY STATE #1: “Cover-Up? Media Blames Anti-CRT Parents for Meeting Chaos, But Startling Video Exposes What Really Happened.”

LOOKS LIKE THE MEDIA IS WORKING FOR THE SECURITY STATE #2: “The Biden Administration Is Openly Trying to Intimidate Parents.”

First, parents, who have every right to confront board members at meetings, write them angry emails and call their offices, shouldn’t be treated like the Weather Underground simply because a small fraction of them act like buffoons. If we used the Biden administration standard, presidents would summon the FBI to investigate domestic terrorism for virtually any political protest.


Can you imagine the outrage if a Republican administration had written directives on how to investigate women who were participating in “resist” meetings or the Black Lives Matter movement?


When the Trump administration sent federal agents to Portland, Oregon, after professional antifa rioters — a group widely celebrated by left-wing commentators — tried to firebomb a federal courthouse, there was hysteria. “Trump’s Occupation of American Cities Has Begun,” wrote Michelle Goldberg in The New York Times. “Can we call it fascism yet?”


Second, Garland’s memorandum creates the impression that parents who are legally confronting school boards that enact (unscientific) masking policies for elementary-school children are in league with political extremists.


It treats those who oppose curriculums that instruct kids to view fellow citizens solely through the prism of race or teach them that the United States is a fundamentally racist enterprise as would-be violent radicals — rather than patriots.


Domestic terrorism entails the use of violent, criminal acts to further specific ideological goals. There is no evidence such a movement exists. But contra The Associated Press, and many others, the same president who says the harassment of a senator in a bathroom by illegal-immigrant activists is just part of “the process” is using an NSBA claim of “domestic terrorism” as an excuse to deputize the nation’s top domestic police force to halt lawful speech.

Read the whole thing.

WHAT THE RULING ELITE WILL DO TO MAKE SURE THEIR KIDS BECOME THE RULING ELITE: Two Corporate Exec Parents Found Guilty In First College Admissions Scandal Trial.”

PERSPECTIVE: “Mollie Hemingway: It Is Amazing What The Priorities Of Biden’s FBI And DOJ Are Today.”

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: It is just amazing what the Department of Justice and FBI will do and what they won’t do.

Last year, we had a series of violent riots that caused $2 billion worth of damage and killed dozens of people. They attacked the White House, federal courthouses, police precincts, hundreds of American businesses.

And the Department of Justice and FBI were basically nowhere to be found.

MAKING IT UP AS HE GOES ALONG: Merrick Garland Cites Unexplained Threats Of Violence To Involve Authorities In Culture War Issues.”

But the Department of Justice has not explained or offered examples of the violence it is referring to in either of these instances. The DOJ did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s many requests for comment on this point.


And as the DOJ’s silence continues, attorneys general, parents, Republican lawmakers and conservative commentators express outraged concern that the Biden administration is using the DOJ to strike back against parents trying to protect the integrity of their children’s education.


Ethics and Public Policy Center senior fellow Roger Severino told the DCNF that such behavior is “prosecutorial abuse.”


“To unleash the DOJ on concerned parents and pro-lifers without cause is prosecutorial abuse in the name of politics,” said Severino, the former director of the Office of Civil Rights under President Donald Trump’s administration.


“If Garland truly cares about threats in education, he should investigate woke college mobs who routinely physically intimidate and threaten speakers who dare to present a conservative point of view on campus,” Severino added. . . .


“It is shameful that activists are weaponizing the US Department of Justice against parents,” Nicole Neily, president of Parents Defending Education told the DCNF in response to the memorandum. “This is a coordinated attempt to intimidate dissenting voices in the debates surrounding America’s underperforming K-12 education – and it will not succeed. We will not be silenced.”


Wait for it . . .

FBI Does Not Collect Information On Violent Antifa Crimes 

Though the DOJ is focusing in on threats of violence from parents and pro-life activists, FBI Assistant Director of Counterterrorism Timothy Langan said during a Sept. 29 hearing on “Confronting Violent White Supremacy” that the FBI does not consider Antifa an “organization.”


The FBI would instead classify Antifa a “movement,” Langan said, and thus does not have information on “how many acts of violence or domestic terrorism has Antifa committed over the last two years.”


“Since we don’t categorize Antifa, nor do we calculate or collate information regarding Antifa, that movement, we don’t have that,” Langan said, Townhall reported. “But we can provide you information on anarchist threats and cases in general.”


The senior counterterrorism officer made these comments in spite of the violent left-wing riots that shook America throughout the summer of 2020 following the death of George Floyd. Many of those who committed violent crimes during the rioting were members of Antifa or Black Lives Matter, the organization.

Read the whole thing.


WILL OUR DESCENDANTS EVER BELIEVE THERE WAS A TIME WHEN SCHOOL WAS NOT LIKE THIS: “Video: Woke Educator Indoctrinates Little Kids with COVID-Friendly Version of Common Nursery Rhyme.”

Over the weekend, a stunning video began making the rounds on social media that appeared to be filmed by a teacher who was teaching her students a cute little song about wearing their masks to school.


Sung to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell,” the kids were taught the lyrics:


I wear a mask to school,
I wear a mask to school,
Hi-ho, the derry-o,
I wear a mask to school.


It keeps my friends safe,
it keeps my friends safe,
Hi-ho, the derry-o,
It keeps my friends safe.


Every one of the children had a cloth mask securely tied to their bewildered little faces.

Watch the video at the link.

QUESTION: WOULD AMERICA BE BETTER OFF WITH OR WITHOUT YALE? Pretty sure I know the answer. Even the good Yalies seem to have been seduced by the prestige and power. These conservative Yalies are, I believe, missing the point:

 Subsequent experience with the world has left me a little less starry eyed about the program. My high school self did not understand the extent to which programs like these are fundamentally Ivy League networking clubs. That is not, alas, what the Ivy League student most needs. Yale is a sick institution, home of the “excellent sheep” who have sold out their souls to leap through higher hoops. The process of getting into Yale breeds an insecurity in its student body, who are ever striving for more exclusive sources of external validation. The relationship these sheltered strivers have to their privileges veers on the pathological. The problem, as C.S. Lewis told a different body of honored students a century ago, is that the pursuit of the “inner ring” is all consuming.2 It leaves little space to ponder—much less study—big questions. Thus Yale is left with a coterie of students towering in their IQ yet puny in their learning. Providing Yalies with the high of applying to yet another resume-buffer that only the very best and brightest of the best and brightest can finagle their way through is the Ivy League equivalent to giving away cocaine in a halfway house. Wining and dining with David Petraeus and Victoria Nuland feeds the complexes of students who have less need of high powered connections than of being brought down a notch. . . .


. . . America is, and for several generations yet will be, a superpower. This superpower has produced—and is in part itself a product of—a colossal state apparatus. This state must be governed. Its governing class will disproportionately hail from institutions like Yale. These facts are unlikely to change. The Brady-Johnson program was a tacit admission of these realities.


Even that tacit admission wisped away. A program conceived to teach future elites how to wisely use state power has morphed into a program teaching them how to wisely oppose it. This transformation is one more illustration of Dashan’s thesis. At Yale we see the American predicament made concrete: an entrenched governing class that enjoys the privileges of elite status but refuses to prepare for the responsibilities of elite station.

Unfortunately, what happens at Yale does not stay at Yale.

October 10, 2021


The head of the city teachers’ union on Wednesday said the Department of Education is “hiding” the number of students showing up to school to avoid political embarrassment.

Speaking at a City Council hearing, United Federation of Teachers president Michael Mulgrew asserted that the DOE has the numbers but won’t publicize them.

“They have an attendance figure for every day,” Mulgrew said, adding that as many as 180,000 city kids may not have set foot in a classroom this year. “They know how many kids didn’t show up … They are hiding this.”


YOURS TRULY ON . . . “THE COLOSSUS OF INDEPENDENCE: JOHN ADAMS.” A podcast interview hosted by Paul Meany from the CATO INSTITUTE. Give it a listen.

A VERY GOOD ESSAY FROM THE EVER RELIABLE NEAL MCCLUSKEY: “Here’s How To Solve Bitter School Board Battles Without Sending In The FBI.”

From Day One, public schooling has been a political and social battleground. From conflicts over whose religion would be taught in Horace Mann’s “common schools,” to the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial, to critical race theory, public schooling has forced Americans to fight one another. It is inevitable in a system that requires all, diverse people to fund politically controlled schools. . . .


The NSBA’s call for federal force, rather than being a last-ditch effort to combat an onslaught of violence, is a threat to basic liberty, even as some people have incontestably broken civility, and a smaller handful may have engaged in serious threats. But incivility is not criminality, and local law enforcement – not the FBI or U.S. Secret Service – exists to deal with local disturbances of the peace and threatening behavior.


Alas, turning disagreement into bitter warfare is not an aberration, but an inevitable outcome of public schooling. Single, government-run districts and schools force people with diverse backgrounds and beliefs into zero-sum political combat to determine whose children will get what their families think they need, and whose will not. Public schooling forces neighbor to battle neighbor, with nothing less than their children’s minds at stake.


The solution is to embrace the foundational American value: liberty. Instead of requiring people to fund government institutions, let money follow children to schools or other educational arrangements their families choose. Instead of forcing a war of all against all, let those who want critical race theory select schools that teach it, others pick schools that do not. Let those who want schools with mask mandates choose them, others select schools where parents decide if their children wear masks. Let people peacefully coexist. . . .


The good news is that this year 18 states have either created new choice programs or expanded existing ones. It is, no doubt, largely a consequence of many Americans’ intense frustrations last year as their public schools refused to open to in-person education. A rough estimate suggests that this leap in choice could increase students enrolled in private schools via choice programs from roughly 600,000 this year to nearly 2.4 million – a four-fold increase.

I DONT’ MEAN TO BE SNARKY, BUT NO KIDDING SHERLOCK.  “There is no proof that involved, concerned parents are a dangerous threat to school boards.” The real threat comes from the use of America’s national security state to monitor, intimidate, and prosecute parents for the crime of caring too much about the education of their children.  

And what will likely happen when the FBI trains school administrators and school board members to be on the lookout for threats? Odds are, they will call the FBI to report parents who are irate about things like masks or the curriculum.


Just as people are more likely to use a weapon if it is in easy reach, irate administrators and school board members may call the FBI on parents who are bothering them. This action, or the possibility of it, will prompt parents to stop participating in school activities.


When parents are less involved, parents have more negative attitudes to their children’s schools, losing trust in government and general, and becoming skeptical of the government’s ability to address social problems. That’s according to research that looked at how standardized testing alienates parents from their children’s schools. But I’d predict other sources of alienation – like administrators reporting on parents – will have the same effect.

TRUE: “Angry Parents Aren’t Terrorists—They’re Just Terrors to Public School Boards.”

Dear school boards: When you poke mama and papa bear, don’t be surprised when they growl and bare their teeth. And writing a letter to the president asking him to sic the FBI on parents rather than treating them as partners in education seems more political than needful.


To understand the gulf between parents and educators, just watch a school board meeting on youtube (if you still can). You’ll see concerned parents voicing their concerns at microphones. They look like defendants standing before judges in a tribunal. What happened to PTAs?


In school board meetings across the nation, parents are treated as opponents rather than partners. They’re frustrated and angry with imperious school boards who seem to insist that they know what’s best for their children.


At times their anger causes them to raise their voices in passionate speeches. They love their children and seek to protect them from what they view as indoctrination, not education. Parental love drives their passion and triggers their protective instincts. This doesn’t make them domestic terrorists.


If school board members and teachers feel threatened by genuine threats in public meetings or on social media, they should be investigated—by local authorities, not by the federal government.

WICKED AWESOME. “What is ‘roam schooling’? ‘Skoolie’ families teach their kids on the road.” My wife and I homeschooled our kids for 18 years. Wish now we’d done some of this. During our time homeschooling, we spent a summer and then a year in Logan, Utah, and then a year in Princeton, NJ, but nothing like this.

“We are a skoolie family,” Anna, 35, told The Post. “We live in a 1995, 40-foot school bus that we converted into our home and on-the-road home-schooling space last November.”

The term “skoolie,” a newly viral social media hashtag, describes nomadic folk who’ve opted to make their homes inside of a redesigned school bus. The lifestyle mirrors the trending “van life” movement, in which people transform full-size cargo vans into chic mobile homes. Some include fully functioning kitchens, heat and air-conditioning units and plush furnishings. Video posts tagged with the popular terms have racked up a combined 6 billion views on TikTok. . . .


Their family is among the approximate 400,000 Americans who dumped stationary home life for full-time nomadic living as of 2020, according to RV Industry Association spokesperson Monika Geraci.


And as the nomadic lifestyle continues growing in popularity, more parents are introducing their kids to on-the-go home schooling, or “roam-schooling,” in order to enrich their family’s quality time and monitor what their children are learning while granting their little ones the chance to explore the country.


“Every day we’re on the road is like a field trip,” Anna, who works as a photographer part time, said. “And the beauty of home schooling on-the-go is that we get to work through each lesson plan at our own pace. We can focus on subjects that intrigue our kids.”


She and Michael — who works odd jobs in construction when they’re on the road — spend four hours a day, four days a week, guiding their children’s lesson plans from a Bible-based home-schooling curriculum.

GOOD QUESTION! “Why Are High Schoolers Afraid to Speak Up in Class?” Pretty sure I know the answer:

Viewpoint diversity is not alive and well, and students often lack the ability to speak openly and question freely without worrying about repercussions. Politically correct speech codes have had a chilling effect on open discourse in many high schools, public and private, in New York City, where the two of us live and work.

As educators, we are very concerned about young people’s development and identities being stunted by the suppression of their ability to express ideas outside a narrow orthodoxy. While one of us identifies as liberal and the other as more conservative, we agree that narrowing of speech is harmful to everyone. . . .


The survey data also reveal that a significant number of student respondents are not comfortable sharing their thoughts in school. Sixty percent of students surveyed say that they have felt they could not express their opinions on a subject because of how students, teachers, or the administration would respond. This figure is identical to the 60% of college students who report self-censoring on campuses. In-depth analysis of the data shows that significant numbers of students are self-censoring both inside and outside the classroom. High school students tell us that they crave dissent in dialogue, yet they are intimidated from expressing it themselves for fear of being shunned or canceled. This reality is untenable: almost every student, no matter where they stand on the political spectrum, talks about how refreshing it is NOT to have to fear being attacked for their views. This repressive climate is toxic for our educational system, which is anchored on the classically liberal idea that people can disagree and still find common ground.


In short, our high schoolers have been dealt a rough hand. We need to help them play it well if we are to address the multiple crises of our time. With students and teachers returning to school this fall, and as parents support their children in addressing educational deficits, let us not overlook the deficits that come with being exposed to only a narrow range of ideas. We encourage all stakeholders to do as much as they can to nourish productive dissent. Our democracy and civil society depend on it.

THE REVOLUTION IS HERE; IT IS NOW: “Home schooling exploded among Black, Asian and Latino students. But it wasn’t just the pandemic.”

As the new school year approaches, millions of parents are eager to deliver their children back to teachers and put remote schooling — which wrought anger, frustration and financial turmoil for parents who needed to return to work — behind them. But for other parents, particularly parents of color, the pandemic and last summer’s national reckoning over race prompted them to pull their children from traditional schools entirely, moves that helped fuel an explosion in popularity of home schooling.


The percentage of schoolchildren in home-school has nearly tripled since mid-2019. By May of this year, the U.S. Census Bureau found more than one out of every 12 students were being home-schooled.


Even more remarkable are where those gains came from: Even though home schooling has often been considered the domain of religious White families, the most significant increases were seen among Black, Latino and Asian households.

IT’S A CRAZY YEAR IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Didn’t see this coming: “Texas A&M upsets No. 1 Alabama, shocks college football world.”

THE CULT OF MEDIOCRITY DOING WHAT IT DOES BEST . . . CUTTING DOWN THE TALL POPPIES: “NYC’s gifted and talented program to be eliminated, de Blasio says.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio is phasing out New York City’s Gifted and Talented program, he announced Friday — bowing to critics who complain that the coveted model is racist.


Current students in the program will be able to stay in accelerated-learning classes to completion. But new cohorts they will be completely eliminated by fall 2022, ending the current testing for 4-year-old city kids.

The kids hurt by de Blasio’s decision will no doubt be first and second generation immigrant kids (e.g., Chinese and Indian-Pakistani) from low income homes. The upper-middle-class white parents who support abolishing programs for gifted (lower-income) students don’t have to worry about their kids because they send them to elite private schools. This really about the Ruling Class protecting its privileged position.

More on this: “New York City Has Run Out of ‘Gifted and Talented’ Students.”

New York City will phase out its programs for gifted and talented primary-grade students in the name of “equality,” reports the New York Times. The group of kindergarten students currently enrolled in the special programs will be the last to be offered the accelerated learning courses.


The reason? Not enough black and Hispanic students are able to qualify for the program. So rather than offer accelerated learning to anyone who can qualify, the city is catering to the lowest common denominator.


It’s easy to blame race for the discrepancy. The tests are “biased,” we’re told. “Systemic racism” is a huge disadvantage for these children of color. Better to punish excellence by denying kids this opportunity — regardless of race — rather than highlight the absolute failure of New York City schools to educate all their children.

October 9, 2021

TRUE: “Angry Parents Aren’t Terrorists—They’re Just Terrors to Public School Boards.”

Dear school boards: When you poke mama and papa bear, don’t be surprised when they growl and bare their teeth. And writing a letter to the president asking him to sic the FBI on parents rather than treating them as partners in education seems more political than needful.


To understand the gulf between parents and educators, just watch a school board meeting on youtube (if you still can). You’ll see concerned parents voicing their concerns at microphones. They look like defendants standing before judges in a tribunal. What happened to PTAs?


In school board meetings across the nation, parents are treated as opponents rather than partners. They’re frustrated and angry with imperious school boards who seem to insist that they know what’s best for their children.


At times their anger causes them to raise their voices in passionate speeches. They love their children and seek to protect them from what they view as indoctrination, not education. Parental love drives their passion and triggers their protective instincts. This doesn’t make them domestic terrorists.


If school board members and teachers feel threatened by genuine threats in public meetings or on social media, they should be investigated—by local authorities, not by the federal government.

SHAMEFUL: “Hong Kong University says ‘Pillar of Shame’ statue honoring Tiananmen Square dead must come down.”

The University of Hong Kong says that a statue paying tribute to the victims of China’s brutal crackdown 1989 on protesters at Tiananmen Square must be removed.

The Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, the now-disbanded group that designed the artwork, said they received a letter from the university to remove the statue by next Wednesday at 5 PM, according to Hong Kong Free Press.

The university reportedly said the decision was “based on the latest risk assessment and legal advice” but did not provide further explanation.sham

WHY ARE AMERICA’S SCHOOL BOARDS HARASSING, INTIMIDATING, AND THREATENING THE PARENTS THEY’RE ELECTED TO REPRESENT?  “Va. school board sues moms after docs ‘inadvertently and mistakenly’ released through FOIA request.”

Virginia school board is suing two mothers, arguing that documents “inadvertently and mistakenly” released through a Freedom of Information Act request and shared online included confidential information.


The Goldwater Institute on Thursday filed a motion with a Virginia judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the Fairfax County School Board against Debra Tisler, who obtained documents from the board through a Freedom of Information Act request, and Callie Oettinger, who shared the redacted documents on her website.


“It’s a shameful abuse of authority and a form of bullying by school officials who are the employees of Callie and Debra,” Timothy Sandefur, the Goldwater Institute’s vice president for litigation, told Fox News. “For the school board to turn around and sue them for trying to be engaged citizens concerned about what’s going on in public schools their tax dollars pay for – it’s disgraceful and the school board should be ashamed of its behavior.”

I know Tim Sandefur with the Goldwater Institute. He’s very smart and very principled. I’ll bet money on Sandefur in this one.

WALK AWAY FROM CALIFORNIA, AS FAST AS YOU CAN: “Newsom signs controversial bill requiring ethnic studies for all CA students to graduate.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed into law Friday afternoon a bill requiring students to take ethnic studies classes in order to graduate. Critics contend the controversial bill opens the door to teaching critical race theory in the classroom.

You are living in a fantasy world if you think CRT is not already in the California schools.

STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES. I’m sorry—I really am—but I have to ask: are all Georgetown students this dimwitted? “Video: College students see socialism as ‘good thing,’ would abolish private property rights.”

An online video shows students at a prestigious American university near the nation’s capital touting the benefits of socialism and supporting the abolition of private property rights.


“I’m [a] socialist,” a Georgetown University student said in a video posted by Campus Reform. “It’s kind of the only way we’re going to get anything close to real…social reform.”


That same student later dismissed the idea of private property rights and claimed it’s “really not” a right people have.

After watching this video, I’m starting to think that the quality of education and students at Georgetown is not what we’ve been led to believe:

AH, NOW I KNOW WHY GEORGETOWN STUDENTS AREN’T SO WELL EDUCATED: “Georgetown professor takes heat after mocking parental involvement in schoolkids’ education.”

SCANDAL ALERT!—Department of Justice Edition. The DOJ and the National School Boards Association seem to have engaged in collusion to suppress dissent. “Request for Investigation Regarding Potential Improprieties Related to the October 4, 2021, Attorney General’s Memorandum.” Turns out there seems to have been a conspiracy hatched a full month before Attorney Merrick Garland’s October 4 memorandum.

MMM. IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE DOJ WAS COLLUDING WITH THE NSBA TO GIN UP THESE CHARGES IN ORDER TO SIC THE SECURITY STATE ON AMERICA’S MOMS? It sure seems that way. “More on the DOJ’s war against protesting parents – and on fighting back.”

The idea of this initiative against protesting parents is not necessarily to arrest them but to frighten them into submission for fear of arrest, and also to make the gullible portion of the American public believe that such protestors are terrorists (much as they got a lot of people to think the Tea Party was composed of racists, or that Trump supporters were all white supremicists).

BUMPED: The Redneck Intellectual Speaketh: “A DECLARATION OF WAR: The Police State Comes to America.”

WOULD AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES BE BETTER WITH MORE OR FEWER ADMINISTRATORS? Pretty sure we all know the answer. “EXCLUSIVE: ONU denies College Republicans’ ‘Back the Blue’ apparel design.”

The Ohio Northern University College Republicans chapter was denied approval recently for “Back the Blue” apparel by the university due to other schools having had to “retract and apologize” for similar initiatives.


ONU College Republicans designed shirts with “Back the Blue” printed on the sleeve and a Thin Blue Line flag printed on the back. The shirt design does not include ONU lettering and shows no affiliation with the university.


“Back the Blue” refers to a nationwide movement in support of police.

APPARENTLY, THIS MOM HAS BEEN READING EDWATCHDAILY.COM!!! “Mom gets standing ovation after calling for ‘mass exodus’ from public schools.” 

Florida mom Quisha King called for a “mass exodus” from the public school system, arguing that school systems left parents with no other choice for fighting left-wing ideas.’


Her comments came during the annual Family Research Council’s Pray Vote Stand Summit during a Thursday panel on “Fighting Indoctrination on a National Scale.”


“I really think at this point the only thing to do is have a mass exodus from the public school system – that’s it,” King said. In response, she received prolonged applause, and many in the audience stood to their feet at the Leesburg, Virginia, event.

EdWatchDaily.com is the leader of the Walk Away Movement. Join us!!!

WAIT, WHAT????? But I thought the Biden administration was saving America’s schoolchildren from threats of violence by cracking down on their crazy mothers. Do you mean to say that it was actually the Biden government that has been threatening violence against parents? Life has many funny turns. “Biden Administration Caught Colluding to Silence America’s Parents. Mark Levin Has the Receipts.”

“The federal government is using its power to silence and intimidate American citizens,” said conservative talk radio host and author Mark Levin, who released a bombshell letter on his program Thursday. “They’re trying to chill free speech.”


The letter, from the nonprofit organization America First Legal (AFL) to the United States Inspector General, claims, “In light of the Attorney General’s Memorandum of October 4, 2021, it appears the Department of Justice is committing the full weight of its federal law enforcement resources to prevent parents from exercising constitutionally-protected rights and privileges, for inappropriate partisan purposes.”


The AFL says it’s an inside job by “key Biden Administration stakeholders, including the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers, and others, have combined to oppress, threaten, and intimidate parents to chill and prevent them from exercising the rights or privileges secured by the Constitution. To date these efforts, though extensive, have generally proven ineffectual.”


And it wasn’t just any insiders. AFL believes high-ranking officials in the Biden White House staff and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have been meeting since early September to collude not only in the writing of Attorney General Garland’s memorandum but to “develop a plan to use a letter from an outside group as pretext for federal action to chill, deter, and discourage parents from exercising their constitutional rights and privileges.”

October 8, 2021



‘We’re Not Domestic Terrorists’: Parents’ Group Leader Hits Back After Biden DOJ ‘Declared a War on Parents’.”

Asra Nomani joined Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday morning wearing a T-shirt with the words, “I’m a mom, not a ‘domestic terrorist.’”


“It’s outrageous what the federal government is doing now,” said Nomani, who is vice president for strategy and investigations for Parents Defining Education. . . .


“All we have done over the past year is stand up and speak up for children. It’s unconscionable that the Federal Bureau of Investigations should even spend a minute thinking about us,” she said.


Today, America First Legal requested that the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (OIG) investigate the circumstances surrounding Attorney General Garland’s October 4th memorandum regarding the use of federal law enforcement against parents opposed to critical race theory, gender ideology, and irrational mask mandates in public schools.  Among other things, AFL asked OIG to investigate whether the Attorney General’s Memorandum was issued on Biden White House instructions contrary to the department’s standard procedures, and to determine if it was issued for the improper partisan purpose of chilling and deterring parents from exercising their constitutional right to control and direct the education of their children.

POWER CORRUPTS, ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY: “Psaki’s Response on Use of PATRIOT Act Against Parents Raises Red Flags.”


Surveillance on campus: Universities give students tools to report on each other’s COVID violations or ‘bias incidents’.”

Michigan State University provides students with reporting system to achieve what the school describes as a “safe and supportive environment” for its community members.


The school’s Culturally Inclusive College Sharing System (CIC) is an online submission form allows the university to “track and respond to behaviors and situations that work to support or detract from [its] goals of a safe and supportive environment.”


The form tells students that some protected speech can still warrant a report. Anything intended to “intimidate, demean, mock, degrade, marginalize, or threaten” their identities, real or perceived, is worth notifying the university about. Actions need not be intended to harm and can do as little as promote a “negative, hostile, or unwelcoming environment for the target.”


Students can specify whether they are requesting the college to take action or are simply supplying information to help “track trends and help determine patterns.” The second kind of report also allows students to share good deeds that support diversity and inclusion goals.


MSU’s CIC system is similar to the widespread COVID-reporting strategies that have been adopted by universities over the past year, which have encouraged students to report peers who do not comply with COVID-19 regulations.

Sen. Rand Paul Rips Biden, DOJ: ‘Moms’ Aren’t ‘Terrorists’.”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) says Americans should “be afraid of your government” following an announcement from the Department of Justice (DOJ) that the FBI would begin to investigate alleged “threats” against school officials, a move that comes as parents have been voicing opposition to Critical Race Theory and mask mandates.


“Moms at school boards are being told that they’re criminals, potential domestic terrorists, for the crime of dissent, and I think criminalizing dissent is something that we should all be appalled with,” Paul said Wednesday on Fox News.

DISGRACEFUL: “MSNBC Warns Parents Pushing Back Are Mentally Ill, White Nationalists.”

To the radical left and the Biden administration, parents concerned about their childrens’ welfare are domestic terrorists who need to be monitored by the FBI. The media not only approve of this madness, but endorse and promote it on national television. On MSNBC’s Deadline: White House Tuesday, guest host Jason Johnson and MSNBC regulars, Clint Watts and Joyce Vance, warned viewers to be very afraid of parent protesters, declaring they were inspired by racism, conspiracy theories and perhaps even mental illness. . . .


Johnson asked former FBI agent and MSNBC analyst Clint Watts to confirm that white nationalists and anarchists were behind this parent protesting “scourge”: “To me, is this really about people being upset about mask mandates or are there sort of underlying disruptive forces, white nationalists, anarchists, whatever, in this country, that are using mask mandates and a public health crisis to sort of wage chaos?”

BRUTAL TAKEDOWN: “Levin Rips Garland on Hannity.”

FIGHT THE MAN! I’m calling U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to direct the FBI to identify, investigate, and, if necessary, to prosecute teachers, school administrators, and school board members who attempt to intimidate or harass parents who engage in perfectly lawful behavior and constitutionally projected speech. “MOMS UNDER ATTACK BY VIRGINIA SCHOOL DISTRICT – GOLDWATER FIGHTS BACK.”

The Goldwater Institute filed a motion with a Virginia judge today to defend the rights of two moms in Fairfax County, Virginia, who are under attack by their local school district for exercising their freedom of speech. It’s just the latest example of a growing trend of school districts nationwide aggressively persecuting parents who are trying to promote the best interests of their children.


Fairfax County mother Debra Tisler took an interest in how her school district was spending its money, especially given that the county has been in national news about its legal troubles recently. So she filed a Freedom of Information Act request to find out how much the district was paying for its legal bills. The district turned over more than 1,000 pages of receipts from its law firm, and another Fairfax-area mother, Callie Oettinger, published some of them on her website, specialeducationaction.com, redacting and sharing select documents related to the superintendent, the school board, and investigations into Fairfax County Public Schools’ cyber hacking and its virtual learning launch debacles.


That’s when trouble started. When the school district realized it had handed over potentially embarrassing material, it demanded that Callie take the material down from her website, and when she refused, district officials sued her—notwithstanding the fact that the Constitution clearly protects her right to publish the information online.


“As a parent, I have a right to know what’s happening in my children’s school, and as a taxpayer, I have a right to know how money is being spent,” Callie said. “I created my site to help advocate for children with special education needs. This includes sharing and holding Fairfax County Public Schools accountable for its noncompliance. I will not let them silence my voice.”


Last week, a state judge issued an order barring Debra and Callie from sharing the documents, and as a result Callie took the documents down from her website. But today, the Goldwater Institute—with the assistance of attorney Ketan Bhirud, a member of Goldwater’s pro-bono American Freedom Network and counsel at the Virginia law firm Troutman Pepper—filed papers asking the judge to withdraw that order and dismiss the case immediately.


“I was shocked to be sued by my children’s school district—all for caring about their education and for speaking out. Fairfax County Public Schools’ school board is readily spending millions on legal fees instead of allocating those funds for direct services to children. The hypocrisy surrounding the actions of the school board is excessive,” Debra said. “FCPS literacy and math proficiency rates are abysmal, and the continuous watering down of the standards and depletion of needed services is egregious.”


“Instead of addressing those needs and expanding their capacity to meet the students’ needs, they have taken it upon themselves to control and reduce opportunity for students,” she continued. “This district has one of the largest budgets in the nation, yet it still can’t get it right. Today, we’re saying ‘enough is enough.’ A lawsuit isn’t going to stop me, and I appreciate the Goldwater Institute for helping me in my fight.”


The state and federal Supreme Courts have made clear in numerous cases that people have the right to publish this type of information. In the famous 1971 “Pentagon Papers” case, the Supreme Court held that the nation’s leading newspapers had a legal right to publish a report on the Vietnam War that had been stolen from the Pentagon and handed over to reporters. As the Goldwater Institute points out in its brief, if the Constitution protects the right to publish stolen military documents in a time of war, it certainly protects the right of mothers and concerned citizens to publish documents the government legally gave to them. For the school board to sue these parents for defending their children’s best interests and speaking out about their government is a shameful abuse of power.


That disgraceful behavior, however, is just one of a number of recent incidents in which school boards have tried to silence criticism or even questions from parents who want to be more involved in their children’s education. When Rhode Island mom Nicole Solas asked school officials in Rhode Island for information under that state’s Freedom of Information Act, the National Education Association (NEA) sued her, seeking to bar the release of the information. Fortunately, once the Goldwater Institute stepped in to defend her, the NEA backed down—although that case is still pending.

DO NOT HIRE BATES COLLEGE GRADUATES, PARTICULARLY IF YOU’RE IN THE BUSINESS OF BUILDING THINGS LIKE PLANES AND BRIDGES: “Bates College eyes revamping calculus, other math courses to focus on ‘colonialism and privilege’.”

A working group of professors and students at Bates College has recommended the school require all majors to offer two courses on “race, colonialism, white supremacy, power, and privilege,” according to a copy of the plan obtained by The College Fix.


In doing so, according to the group’s recommendations, each department could alter existing classes to fit the racial education requirements. . . .


For instance, the group suggests courses like Math 105 (Calculus I) could “situate race, white supremacy, colonialism, power, and privilege centrally and attend to them throughout the course.”


If the plan is implemented, students would be required to take one introductory course and one advanced course centered on race. For example, STEM majors could satisfy the advanced requirement by taking “Math 233: Mathematics for Social Justice.”

NO, NO, NO. The problem here is not that golf is racist, the problem is that golf is not a real sport!!!!! “ACLU Implies University Is Racist for Offering Golf Instead of Track and Field.”


GLENN REYNOLDS (AKA INSTPUNDIT) SPEAKS TRUTH TO POWER: “Schools boards, bastions of local democracy, persecute dissident parents.”

Garland’s self-dealing and thuggery are grounds for resignation. But that isn’t the worst thing that’s happened. Bad as it is, the Biden administration’s poisonous combination of graft and authoritarianism can be remedied by getting rid of the administration — something that, if polls are any indication, is eminently doable.


The bigger problem is that school boards all over America seem to be growing ever more authoritarian themselves. Instead of serving as bastions of small-scale representative democracy, boards seem to regard themselves as above accountability to the voters and parents.


It was, after all, the National School Boards Association that, citing shaky claims of “threats,” asked the administration to investigate anti-CRT parents as “domestic terrorists,” specifically invoking the Patriot Act in its letter.

Read the whole thing.

IT’S NOT JUST THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS. The intellectual rot is both vertical and horizontal:  “Our New Database: “Critical Race Theory infiltrating America’s 25 most elite private K-12 schools.”

October 7, 2021


In light of the Biden Administration’s unprecedented actions in recent days to silence parental dissent against what’s happening in America’s government schools, I’ve collected a number of news stories, documents, Tweets, and videos from the last day or two and I am publishing them all at once as a kind of multi-media essay.

I urge you to read this material and educate yourself on this very dangerous development. If this moral and political abomination is allowed to stand, the government of the United States will have taken one very large step toward becoming an authoritarian regime.

On September 30, the National School Boards Association (NSBA) sent a letter to the Biden administration in which it denounced the nationwide parental protests taking place at school board meetings against Critical Race Theory, Critical Gender Theory, pornography in the classroom, mask mandates, vaccine requirements, and remote learning. It turns out that parents all over the country (probably numbering in the millions) are upset about the indoctrination and censorship in America’s government schools. An army of moms and dads have been asserting their parental responsibilities and their constitutional rights by showing up to school board meetings and voicing—sometimes angrily—their contempt and disgust for school boards and teachers who are promoting and sanctioning ideas and ideologies opposed by the parents.

The NSBA letter (the official letter can be seen here) begins ominously by declaring that America’s government schools “are under an immediate threat” and that “immediate assistance is required to protect our students, school board members, and educators who are susceptible to acts of violence affecting interstate commerce because of threats to their districts, families, and personal safety.”

And exactly what “assistance” is the National School Boards Association asking for from the federal government?

“Now, we ask that the federal government investigate, intercept, and prevent the current threats and acts of violence against our public school officials through existing statutes, executive authority, interagency and intergovernmental task forces, and other extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of our children and educators, to protect interstate commerce, and to preserve public school infrastructure and campuses.”

Notice that NSBA letter has expanded its alleged target list from various school officials and educators to students!  That’s right: the government school establishment now claims to be protecting students from their own parents. On top of that, America’s school board members believe that their “safety” is somehow connected to “interstate commerce”!!!

As with threats from Islamic terrorists, the NSBA is asking for assistance from the federal government in “monitoring the threat levels” from America’s moms. And what kind of assistance is the NSBA asking for?

NSBA specifically solicits the expertise and resources of the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service, and its National Threat Assessment Center regarding the level of risk to public school children, educators, board members, and facilities/campuses. We also request the assistance of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service to intervene against threatening letters and cyberbullying attacks that have been transmitted to students, school board members, district administrators, and other educators.


As these acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials have increased, the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes. As such, NSBA requests a joint expedited review by the U.S. Departments of Justice, Education, and Homeland Security, along with the appropriate training, coordination, investigations, and enforcement mechanisms from the FBI, including any technical assistance necessary from, and state and local coordination with, its National Security Branch and Counterterrorism Division, as well as any other federal agency with relevant jurisdictional authority and oversight. Additionally, NSBA requests that such review examine appropriate enforceable actions against these crimes and acts of violence under the Gun-Free School Zones Act, the PATRIOT Act in regards to domestic terrorism, the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, the Violent Interference with Federally Protected Rights statute, the Conspiracy Against Rights statute, an Executive Order to enforce all applicable federal laws for the protection of students and public school district personnel, and any related measure. As the threats grow and news of extremist hate organizations showing up at school board meetings is being reported, this is a critical time for a proactive approach to deal with this difficult issue.

Let’s be clear about what this means: the NSBA letter is dog-whistling a message which says that protesting parents are engaged in “domestic terrorism and hate crimes” (including, presumably, against their own children), and so it is requesting that the Biden administration use the Departments of Justice, Education, and Homeland Security, as well as the FBI and its National Security Branch and Counterterrorism Division, and U.S. Postal Inspection Service against upset parents.

The NSBA letter also requests that America’s protesting parents be investigated for violations of anti-terror and hate crime laws, such as the Gun-Free School Zones Act, the Patriot Act, the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, the Violent Interference with Federally Protected Rights statute, and the Conspiracy Against Rights statute.

In other words, the NSBA is 1) accusing parents whose only real crime is being concerned about the education of their children with being “domestic terrorists”; and, 2) it is calling on the federal government to use the full weight of its near-unlimited, arbitrary power to monitor, identify, arrest, and prosecute moms and dads protesting AGAINST the teaching of systemic racism (i.e., CRT), pornography in the classroom, and the unscientific mask mandates for children. The NSBA letter is saying, in effect, that complaining parents are the moral equivalent of jihadi terrorists, who are out to commit acts of violence against America’s school board members, its teachers, and, yes, even the children. As such, these parents should be treated as a national security threat, and they must be dealt with by all means necessary.

In a decent, free, and just society such a letter would be condemned and dismissed out of hand, but that is not the kind of society in which we live today. Rather than tossing the NSBA letter in the trash where it belongs, the Attorney General of the United States, Merrick Garland, read it and immediately ordered the FBI and America’s National Security State to mobilize its immense power against parents whose only real crime is to take seriously the education of their children.

I encourage you to read—and to read slowly—Garland’s official memorandum sent to the Director of the FBI and to various other law enforcement agencies, offices, and divisions.

In conjunction with Garland’s letter, the Department of Justice issued a press release in which it announced that the DOJ will be creating a task force “consisting of representatives from the department’s Criminal Division, National Security Division, Civil Rights Division, the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys, the FBI, the Community Relations Service and the Office of Justice Programs, to determine how federal enforcement tools can be used to prosecute these crimes . . .”

America’s security state has not been mobilized like this since 9-11. Recall, for instance, that the Justice Department’s National Security Division was created in 2005 to conduct “counterterrorism and counterespionage” operations against foreign enemies threatening the United States and its citizens, enemies such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS—ya know, the kind of individuals and organizations that commit mass murder as their day job.

The Biden Regime is now turning the full apparatus of America’s security state against ordinary American citizens who are challenging the hegemony of America’s Education-Industrial Complex. America’s dissenting parents who are unhappy with the substance and method by which their children are being taught are now to be designated and possibly prosecuted as domestic terrorists! To wit: the FBI and the National Security Division will now be in charge of monitoring school board meetings and parent organizations around the United States.

Have you ever wondered what the new Garland version of a “domestic terrorist” looks and sounds like? Here’s a textbook example:

Should we not treat “domestic terrorists” in the same way that we treat international terrorists? (Asking for a friend.) Maybe Merrick Garland and the FBI should send this mom to Guantanamo Bay with all the other terrorists? And once there, maybe she should receive the full Khalid Sheikh Mohammed treatment. Alternatively, the government of the United States could go full 1984 in its treatment of domestic terrorists.


There are other serious problems with Garland’s Orwellian letter. The letter asserts, for instance, that “there has been a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff.” Neither the NSBA nor the Justice Department have provided any credible or meaningful evidence to support this unfounded claim, nor does Garland’s passive-aggressive letter specify what it classifies as “criminal conduct” or “domestic terrorism.” (Not surprisingly, Garland’s letter neglects to mention that some school board members and the teachers’ unions have been harassing and threatening parents for months. See here, here, and here.) The simple fact of the matter is that virtually no violence has occurred at any school board meeting this year. The NSBA letter is a blood libel against America’s dissenting parents.

But even if it were true that there have been a few isolated threats of physical violence, how is this an issue for the FBI and the full apparatus of the National Security State rather than for local law enforcement?

But we all know what this is and is not about. It’s NOT about alleged threats of violence against school board members. It’s about targeting political opponents, criminalizing dissent, and weaponizing the FBI and the National Security State against parents who are protesting peacefully and lawfully against indoctrination in America’s government schools. It’s about turning complaining parents into domestic terrorists for the crime of being parents. It’s about turning America’s mothers into the legal equivalent of Islamic jihadists. It’s about intimidating parents. It’s about using the coercive force of the State against our First Amendment rights to free speech, to assemble peaceably, and to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” It’s about silencing parental opposition to the Education Establishment. Make no mistake about it, that’s what this about.

More fundamentally, what Garland’s letter is really saying is that the federal government is entirely responsible for the education of your children. You have no rights and no authority to determine the content of your child’s mind. That is for the government to determine.  Your old-fashioned view that your children are actually your children is no longer relevant. If you think I’m exaggerating, you should listen to Melissa Harris-Perry talk about why your children are not your children:


Merrick Garland’s directive may very well be the single most disturbing abuse of government power in American history since the passage of the Fugitive Slave Law. Garland, a man once nominated to the Supreme Court of the United States, has corrupted the mission and power of the United States Department of Justice. He must be removed from office. He is a threat to both the lives and freedoms of ordinary Americans.

This must be opposed. In the meantime, WALK AWAY. Actually, RUN, as fast as you can.


ANDREW C. MCCARTHY ON THE FBI’S POLICE-STATE TACTICS TO INTIMIDATE PARENTS: “The Biden Justice Department’s Lawless Threat against American Parents: Attorney General Garland is attempting to silence constitutionally protected complaints about school policy by raising the specter of government retaliation.”

Even as President Biden shrugged his shoulders over progressives’ harassment and intimidation of a sitting United States senator of his own party — a crime under Arizona law — Biden’s Justice Department was running roughshod over the First Amendment, threatening to investigate and prosecute parents for protesting against school boards and teachers who insist on indoctrinating children with the cultural Marxism beloved by Democrats.


On Monday, Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memorandum in which he wailed about the “disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff.” Clearing his throat with an empty nod to the inconvenient fact that the Constitution protects “spirited debate,” Garland incorrectly — indeed, outrageously for someone of his experience as a Justice Department official and federal appellate judge — claimed that free-speech principles yield not only to “threats of violence” but also to “efforts to intimidate individuals based on their views” (at least, evidently, individuals not named Sinema or Manchin).


Garland knows this is dangerous nonsense. I personally know that he knows it. He was a high-ranking official in the Clinton Justice Department, which gave me a very hard time — though it ultimately relented — when I proposed charging a notorious terrorist with soliciting acts of violence and seditious conspiracy.

ROGER KIMBALL ON MERRICK GARLAND’S POLICE STATE TACTICS: “Is this the beginning of the end of the Biden administration?

I wonder if Attorney General Merrick Garland has just supplied the proverbial straw that will send the camel that is the Biden administration crashing to the ground.


Garland was supposed to be a moderate. The Washington Compost assured its readers that there was a ‘98 percent probability that Merrick Garland is “in between” Ginsburg and Scalia. In other words, that he is comparatively moderate’. One of my friends even wrote that he was a ‘superb’ choice to be attorney general.


I wonder what he thinks now? Garland has been a willing collaborator with all the most egregious actions of the Biden administration. But on Monday October 4, he wrote a memo that will will go down infamy. I think it was Chris Rufo who first reported that Garland has instructed the FBI to mobilize against parents who oppose critical race theory in public schools, citing (completely unnamed) ‘threats’. The National School Boards Association had complained to the Biden administration, describing the protests as a ‘form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes’. In response, Garland outlined a ‘Partnership among federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement to address threats against school administrators, board members, teachers and staff.’ A ‘partnership among federal, state, local, tribal and territorial law enforcement’: think about that.


Again, no specific threats were adduced. What’s really at issue here, as Mary Chastain notes at Legal Insurrection, is criminalizing dissent. ‘Actually,’ she writes, ‘they want to figure out how to deal with parents who have the nerve to be involved in their child’s education.’ Like Biden facing resistance to his vaccine mandate, Garland finds his ‘patience wearing thin’ and orders the coercive apparatus of the state, including the FBI’s Criminal Division and National Security Division, to bear down on parents who have the temerity to question the racist indoctrination of their children.


Chastain quotes another LI commentator, Jeff Reynolds, who outlined the strategy:


‘The school board and superintendent organizations calling for federal law enforcement appear to be preemptively playing victim here instead of responding to a legitimate threat. Of course, this follows with the Biden administration’s focus on white supremacists as the single greatest terrorist threat the United States faces today. An overblown fear of domestic terrorists makes for a great diversion from the parents across the nation with legitimate questions about what their kids learn at these schools. The NSBA seems to have forgotten that, as elected officials, school board members are not supposed to be the bosses — the parents are.’


The reaction to Garland’s memo has been quick and furious. Will this episode be the turning point, the straw that broke the back of President Ice Cream? Coupled with Biden’s response to the harassment of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who was followed into a public bathroom and filmed by shouting activists, maybe so. That, Biden said, was ‘part of the process’. But parents opposing the insinuation of Marxoid ideas into school curricula: that must be met by nationalizing the police power of the state and stomping down on any resistance as if it were an instance of ‘domestic terrorism’.


PARENTS OF THE WORLD UNITE! You have nothing to lose but your children: “Parents take a stand against FBI crackdown on CRT opponents.”

“This is a coordinated attempt to intimidate dissenting voices in the debates surrounding America’s underperforming K-12 education – and it will not succeed. We will not be silenced,” Parents Defending Education said in a Monday statement.


Elicia Brand, a parent from Loudoun County, told Fox News that parents “owe this to our children” and generations after to “stand strong in their fight for freedom.”


“I encourage all parents to stand strong in their fight for freedom and parental rights and never falter in the face of unjustified threats,” she said.

THE FBI GOES TO SCHOOL AND GETS SCHOOLED. Senator Josh Hawley delivers brutal smackdown to a Department of “Justice” official and its ominous threat to American parents:


TRUE: “The Morning Briefing: Fascist Attorney General Garland Has Angered the Wrong Parents.”

THE BIRTH OF THE AMERICAN POLICE STATE: “The Devolution of the DOJ: Merrick Garland’s focus on school board meetings over violent crime diminishes the department.”

Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice has discovered a new group that poses a pressing threat to the country’s safety and wellbeing.


Their potential crimes are heinous: Objecting to the propagation in our schools of critical race theory and anti-white racism.


How deep does this criminal behavior go? We can’t say. Announcing a “partnership among federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement to address threats against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff,” Garland offers no statistical evidence about the rising threat of infuriated parents. He makes no mention of any arrests. He doesn’t say whether a police department or state anywhere has asked for the federal government’s assistance in stopping “threats against public servants.”


Those are curious omissions, given that the FBI just last week released a trove of crime data detailing information about victims as well as the perpetrators and their motivations. It suggests the so-called threat is either an empty political concoction intended to mollify left-wing activists concerned that parents are wising up or, more troubling, that the Justice Department intends to conflate the protests of concerned parents with criminal behavior.


If Garland has heard that the country’s murder rate last year spiked nearly 30 percent nationwide—the largest one-year increase ever recorded, and presumably a development that falls within the Justice Department’s remit—he is choosing to focus his attention on matters he has deemed more important. To wit: Garland hasn’t sent any letters about assembling a task force to address the fact that this year’s homicide rate is on track to surpass 2020.


Though Garland pledged at his confirmation hearing to “fend off any effort by anyone to make prosecutions or investigations partisan or political in any way,” his letter this week demonstrates the acceleration of the Justice Department’s transformation into an unofficial wing of the Democratic Party.


MESSING WITH MOMS IS NEVER—EVER—A GOOD IDEA: “EPIC: 427,000 Parents Respond to National School Board Association Labeling Them ‘Domestic Terrorists’.”

Last week, PJ Media covered the hysterical and threatening letter written by National School Boards Association (NSBA) president Viola Garcia. In the letter sent to none other than President Joe Biden, Garcia accused America’s concerned parents of threats, intimidation, and even “hate crimes” rising to the level of “domestic terrorism” for having the gall to speak up at their local school board meetings. The NSBA also requested “federal assistance to stop threats and acts of violence against school board members, school officials, and teachers.”


This week, however, the leaders of almost two dozen parent organizations fired back with a scathing letter of their own—and it is epic. The letter, written on behalf of members of several parent organizations, made clear that the NSBA’s claims of  “hate” and “terrorism” were shameful:


NSBA cites a tiny number of minor incidents in order to insinuate that parents who are criticizing and protesting the decisions of school boards are engaging in, or may be engaging in, “domestic terrorism and hate crimes.” NSBA even invokes the PATRIOT Act. The association of legitimate protest with terrorism and violence reveals both your contempt for parents and your unwillingness to understand and hear the sincere cries of parents on behalf of their children. To equate parents with terrorists dishonors the thousands of victims of actual terrorism around the world. Have you no shame?


The parent organizations pointed out that the NSBA’s call for the federal government to use its power against parents was in itself a menacing and “thinly veiled threat, intended to intimidate into silence and submission the very constituents that [the NSBA] members ostensibly represent.” I mean, what else would you call asking the president to sic the Department of Justice, the FBI, Homeland Security, the Secret Service Assessment Center, and the Postal Service on America’s parents?

Kevin McCarthy accuses Democrats of seeking to ‘silence parents’.”

[I]n a statement Tuesday, McCarthy accused Democrats of being guilty of their own “disturbing trend,” arguing that the new DOJ effort was an attempt to “silence parents from having a say in their own children’s education.”


“We saw it last week when Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate, Terry McAuliffe, said parents shouldn’t have a say in what their own children are taught and it continues this week with the Biden administration labeling parents with concerns and dissenting opinions as domestic terrorists,” McCarthy said.


The California Republican also argued that parents should be encouraged to participate in public school systems.


“Parents have a fundamental right to be lawfully involved in their children’s education,” McCarthy said. “We should encourage family participation in our school systems, not baselessly attack opposing views because some liberal education officials and special interest groups see it as a threat to the power they want to have over what children learn in America’s classrooms.”


WELL, WELL, WELL! Does Merrick Garland have a conflict of interest? “Conflict of interest mars Attorney General’s investigation of parents in school controversies.”

Attorney General Garland has a conflict of interest in bringing this investigation. Erika Sanzi of Parents Defending Education notes that “Parents are concerned over intrusive surveys and ‘screeners’ that ask 12-year-olds if they are pansexual or gender fluid. The surveys are often created/administered by” Panorama Education. “Merrick Garland’s daughter is married to the president and founder.” As PDE’s Asra Nomani observes, “In its survey @PanoramaEd asks students if they are ‘pansexual’ or ‘gender fluid.’” She argues that by investigating parents, “US Attorney General Merrick Garland is freezing parents protesting fraud and protecting his son in laws business interest.”


As Nomani notes, the Fairfax County Public Schools are reportedly “diverting COVID cash to @fcpsnews to data mine kids.” And because Attorney General Merrick Garland’s daughter is married to Panorama’s president, “Garland has a serious conflict of interest.”

IS THIS OK WITH YOU? I’m surprised that the Shakopee School Board only went so far as to get this single mother suspended from work without pay rather than just reporting her to the FBI—or maybe they did and she just hasn’t been arrested yet: “Shakopee School Board Chair Reported Single Mother to Employer for Criticizing the School Board.” 


October 6, 2021

YA JUST MIGHT WANT TO LOOK INTO THAT: “Student requests U Chicago investigate campus organization’s ties to the CCP.”

One University of Chicago student is calling on the university to investigate their chapter of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association and its possible connection to the Chinese Communist Party. . . .


In May, when pro-Hong Kong activist Nathan Law spoke at an event hosted by the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, the CSSA attempted to pressure the university into disinviting him.


The CSSA sent an email addressed to the Harris School of Public Policy, arguing that Law’s speech “falls outside the purviews of free speech,” the Chicago Maroon reported in June.


“As a non-political, cultural association, CSSA greatly values and adamantly defends freedom of speech and expression on our campus. However, the invitation of Law as a distinguished guest by the Mentor Program not only falls outside the purviews of free speech, but also has been widely perceived as exposing the insensitivities and disrespect that the Harris administration shows towards Chinese students and scholars,” the email states.

NOT IF THEY’RE TRYING TO TEACH KIDS HOW TO READ WITH MASKS ON. Masks are antithetical to teaching kids how to read. “Are you sure your kid can read? All too many US public schools won’t tell you the truth.”