BECAUSE DOMESTIC TERRORISTS DON’T DESERVE TO KNOW WHAT GOES ON IN SCHOOLS:  School districts pricing out parents on record requests by charging tens of thousands in ‘exorbitant fees’

ANALYSIS:TRUE: A Symbolic, Feel-Good ‘Racial Reckoning’ Has Replaced Actually Helping Black Kids

One might think that they prefer ignorant and angry to educated and successful.

WHAT COULD GO WRONG?  Toronto’s Largest School Board to Drop Auditions, Aptitude Requirements for Specialized Programs in the Name of Equity

Many students, teachers, and parents who are involved with the specialized programs are concerned that this change will lower the quality of the programs. A small protest was held in mid-May, and hundreds of students walked out of class to attend.

“It’s going to water down the program and it’s just going to blend into nothingness,” said Essien Udokang, a parent whose son is in an arts program.

He’s also concerned that the new policy will leave behind talented kids from underprivileged backgrounds who would otherwise have a chance to prove themselves.

“Folks like me, who can afford it, we’ll just put our kids in private school or pay thousands of dollars a month for private lessons instead of wasting their time in a program like this. If there are students who have capability and through lottery don’t get picked…I think those will be the most hard done by. Because they will have talent that could have been cultivated through a high quality of teaching, instruction and opportunity, but now they would have just been randomly selected out of the process. But they can’t pay for private lessons.”

BOTTOM LINE IS THAT PARENTS SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT’S BEST FOR THEIR CHILDREN.  One Prominent Libertarian Explains Why Unschooling Is the Best Way to Educate Kids

ANALYSIS: TRUE AS CAN BE: Parents Should Govern Their Kids’ Education


WE’RE TRYING!  To Fight Marxist Education, We Need a New Kind of School

The Marxists, to be sure, got what they sought: successive generations of Americans bereft of the building blocks necessary to comprehend that they’d been cheated of basic knowledge.  Those with no understanding of history lack the acumen to steer the future.  Those deprived of great literature remain ill prepared for complex ideas or weighty emotions.  Those who don’t first train their minds with the foundations of mathematics and logic lose their potential to build anything new.  To create automatons incapable of dissent or resistance, the Marxists simply destroyed education.

The unsavory result has been that America is now a nation of people with many titles and degrees but diminished capacity for critical thought and reflection.  Just as Congress and the White House work today to disarm Americans of their constitutionally protected firearms, the successive governments behind the Department of Education’s demolition of public schooling have disarmed too many Americans of their potential for reason and rationality.  Anyone who doubts that unassailable truth need only look around to see a society unable to distinguish men from women, alleviate its existential angst over ridiculously ludicrous tales of climate apocalypse, or comprehend that the very people who speak endlessly of “saving democracy” or “fighting fascism” are the same ones destroying democratic institutions and promoting the State’s totalitarian authority.

Where do we go from here?  Well, at the risk of sounding too optimistic, I’d say now is the time for the freethinkers, rebels, and iconoclasts to unleash hell and spread knowledge as never before.  Not all education takes place in school, after all.  Some might say, in fact, that no real education can take place entirely in school.

IF YOU’RE IN MINNESOTA, #JUSTWALKAWAY.  In fact, you should #JUSTWALKAWAY wherever you are since this policy is no doubt coming to you. ONLY MARXISTS NEED APPLY

SHOCKED, ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED, THAT THIS COULD HAPPEN.  Department of Education misappropriated $73 million in COVID payments, report finds




THIS IS TRAGIC. But the question is, who is responsible for this sad phenomenon? Reports: Schools’ transgenderism push has suicidal side effects

THE FEDS: FULLY ON BOARD THE TRANS TRAIN Not surprisingly, many districts’ grooming begins in kindergarten and even pre-K. In Virginia, kindergarteners experienced a talk by “transgender rights advocate” – a man dressed as a woman who goes by “Sarah” – who read them a book about a transgender teen. Kindergartners in Massachusetts are told by their teacher, “We don’t say a penis belongs to a man. It belongs to a human.” And in North Carolina’s Wake County, a preschool lesson used flash cards featuring LGBTQ themes to teach kids colors, including one card depicting a pregnant man.

The Biden administration doubles down on the transgender fad.

Back in March, the Biden administration celebrated the “International Transgender Day of Visibility” by extolling the virtues of the kindly sounding “gender-affirming care.” But this innocuous sounding term can be extraordinarily hazardous to the health of young people – puberty blockers, hormone therapy and “gender affirming” therapies – all irreversible – are part of the program.

JUST WALK AWAY: LGBTQ Grooming in the Public Schools

This is in Minnesota, but you’ll find the same stuff going on in most states.

TIME TO FACE REALITY, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. If this happens and you did nothing to stop it, then it’s on you: Coming soon to Minnesota! Teachers must demonstrate a Marxist worldview to obtain their teaching license

Marxist ideology and practices are coming to Minnesota schools disguised as new teacher licensing rules.

The Minnesota teacher licensing board is called the Professional Educators Licensing and Standards Board or PELSB. Each board member was appointed by Gov. Walz and PELSB is fast tracking new teacher licensing requirements.

The new standards will embed basic Marxist principles and practices such as critical race theory (CRT), fluid sexual identity, and gender politics into all Minnesota schools. Standard Marxist practices and dogma divide people into opposing groups so that students and teachers must view themselves not as individuals, but as members of groups—oppressor groups or oppressed groups, and oppressed groups must be liberated from the exploitation of their oppressors.

When formally adopted, the new requirements must be met to become or remain licensed to teach in Minnesota, including teaching in Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) from pre-natal on, and Adult Basic Education, Rule Draft RD4615 (cplaction.com) – (key language is highlighted in yellow). Since nonpublic schools generally hire licensed teachers, these standards will apply to them as well.

HATE TO SAY IT, BUT I TOLD YOU SO (REPEATEDLY). Do you believe me now? New York’s curriculum is critical race theory by another name

It is no surprise the New York State Education Department quickly denied the allegations when exposed for using pandemic relief funds for schools to promote critical race theory.


After two years of school closures, mask mandates, social distancing – and the devastating learning loss and developmental harm these inflicted on students – the state’s Democrat leadership clearly knew how outraged parents would be upon finding out they prioritized taxpayer dollars to peddle this radical ideology. So, their playbook is to deflect, label the existence of CRT in elementary and secondary classrooms as a right-wing conspiracy theory, and assert their denial as an unquestionable fact.


Yet look no further than Monroe County, where West Irondequoit Central School District students were required to participate in an anti-racist curriculum project to learn of “the contemporary realities of structural racism.” Earlier this school year, students at the Lower Manhattan Community School were segregated by race in order to “undo the legacy of racism and oppression in this country that impacts or school community.” Make no mistake, dividing and defining students by their race is state-sanctioned racism.

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