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WELL, WELL, WELL. WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE?  “Xinjiang officials overseeing detention camps studied at Harvard: Two administrators received fellowships to attend university’s centre on governance and innovation.”

Two officials involved in overseeing China’s vast network of detention camps for about 1m ethnic minority people in Xinjiang have studied on coveted fellowships at Harvard University, according to research by an Australian think-tank.


Yao Ning, a local party secretary of the Communist party who was honoured this year by Beijing for his work in Xinjiang, studied as an Asia fellow at Harvard University’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation between 2010 and 2011, according to a report by the Canberra-based Australian Strategic Policy Institute.


Erken Tuniyaz, chairman of the Xinjiang region, spent a few months at Harvard’s Ash Center as a new world fellow in 2012. Xinjiang’s chair ranks as the region’s second highest official after the party secretary, Chen Quanguo. In a speech in February, Tuniyaz defended Xinjiang’s internment camps as “counter-terrorism and deradicalisation measures”.

I wonder if Merrick Garland also studied in the same Harvard program?

THE UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH IS NOT A SERIOUS INSTITUTION OF HIGHER EDUCATION: “Students, faculty demand Sewanee revoke evangelical Eric Metaxas’ honorary degree.”

PATHETIC: “Leading physicist resigns in protest after speaker invite request denied over George Floyd riot comments.”

A leading climate physicist at University of California, Berkeley, resigned in protest after his colleagues rejected his bid to invite a speaker to campus following outrage on the speaker’s views on the sweeping violence last summer after George Floyd’s death.


“I hold BASC and its faculty – my friends and colleagues – in the highest regard, and so it has been a great honor to serve as BASC’s director these past five years. But it was never my intention to lead an organization that is political or even ambiguously so,” David Romps said in a Twitter thread explaining why he resigned as director of the Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center.


He resigned Monday after Berkeley rejected his request to invite Dorian Abbot to speak on campus, according to his Twitter thread. He will officially leave the position by the end of the year or when the school finds a replacement.

SOMETIMES YOU CAN’T MAKE UP THIS STUFF. As I’ve said many times, I’m not a psychiatrist, so I have nothing to say about this: “Ohio college student ‘angry’ and ‘scared’ after ‘cisgender men’ installed radiator in dorms: ‘Safe space’.”

A student at Oberlin College in Ohio described being “scared” and “angry” after the school announced a work crew would be installing radiators in a “safe space” dormitory for women and trans students, explaining the crew would likely be “cisgender men.”


“I was angry, scared, and confused. Why didn’t the College complete the installation over the summer, when the building was empty? Why couldn’t they tell us precisely when the workers would be there? Why were they only notifying us the day before the installation was due to begin?” Oberlin student Peter Fray-Witzer wrote in an op-ed published in the college newspaper on Friday.


The student said he grew concerned because he had not heard of the installation plans before a school email was sent on Oct. 7. He explained that the crew would likely be cisgender men entering Baldwin Cottage, which is home to a “safe space” for “women and transgendered persons.”


“In general, I am very averse to people entering my personal space. This anxiety was compounded by the fact that the crew would be strangers, and they were more than likely to be cisgender men.”


The work crew eventually showed up at the dorm, and Fray-Witzer described that he saw “immediately that they were all men.”


SERIOUSLY, THE #JUST-WALK-AWAY MOVEMENT APPLIES TO COLLEGES AS WELL. “College students: Whites need to be ‘re-educated’ on race, 59% back CRT.”

Most college students, including a majority of white students, believe that racism is so rooted in America that whites need to be “re-educated” on the issue, and one way is through the forced teaching of critical race theory.


In a survey of students from McLaughlin & Associates for Yale University’s William F. Buckley, Jr. Program, 71% agreed that “systemic racism is a big problem in society today and white people still contribute to it, whether they realize it or not.”


What’s more, 66% said that “most white Americans need to be re-educated about the true history of America and what it means to be actively anti-racist.”


And when it comes to changing the nation’s view of racism, 59% told the pollster that they “favor allowing the teaching of critical race theory in all high schools and colleges, which says America is founded on white supremacy and most laws and institutions in America today are inherently racist.”

IN THE IMMORTAL WORDS OF MARIE ANTOINETTE, “Let them freeze.” “Oberlin student miffed at male maintenance workers entering ‘Women & Trans Collective’”


ISN’T IT NICE THAT YALE CARES SO MUCH ABOUT YALE STUDENTS EVERYWHERE? “Yale says COVID restrictions apply to students in other states

DON’T CELEBRATE TOO SOON.  It’s not a victory unless the professor never teaches again. “VICTORY: VT replaces prof who apologized for being White on syllabus

COMING SOON TO A PUBLIC SCHOOL NEAR YOU: 1+1=social, economic, and political injusticeColleges offer ‘social justice’ math classes for students, future teachers



NO, THIS NOT A GRIFT AS SOME ARE SUGGESTING. Kendi is simply cashing in on the delirium of the new religionists. And, as P.T. Barnum once said, “there’s a sucker born every minute,” well at least in Michigan that’s apparently true. “EXCLUSIVE: UMich paid Kendi $20k for a one-hour virtual event.”

The University of Michigan paid Ibram X. Kendi $20,000 to speak at a one-hour virtual event in November 2020.


Campus Reform obtained the contract through a public records request, which detailed that the November 11 speaking engagement would occur on Zoom.


The university’s November 2020 talk, “Discussion with Dr. Ibram X. Kendi,” centered around the Boston University professor’s book Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America.


“SOME AMERICANS cling desperately to the myth that we are living in a post-racial society, that the election of the first Black president spelled the doom of racism. In fact, racist thought is alive and well in America – more sophisticated and more insidious than ever,” the book description reads.

MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE ADMINS WEREN’T INVITED TO THE PARTY: “Yale administrators demanded conservative law student apologize to peers for ‘triggering’ them

THIS KIND OF THING HAPPENS A LOT. These young men need to, in the words of Barack Obama, “hit back twice as hard.” They could start with good lawyers. “Hoax: No substance to rape allegations against Oklahoma university frat.”


THREE HEAVYWEIGHT DEFENDERS OF FREE SPEECH AND ACADEMIC FREEDOM: “So They’re Trying to Shut You Up: How to defend yourself in a free-speech crisis, whatever your politics.”

Calls to take disciplinary action against — and even fire — professors for saying controversial things have become disconcertingly common. Students, administrators, and sometimes even faculty colleagues demand that a professor be punished for expressing dissent publicly — and even privately — from certain widely held views on campus. Politicians and political activists have also gotten into the act, sometimes insisting that a professor be fired before the sun goes down.

Apparently it is not enough to criticize or ignore remarks that are considered to be offensive or inflammatory. The sinner must be hauled before a tribunal, made to recant, disciplined, or even removed from the campus.


Many professors have no idea what to do when a mob is howling for their heads. They have never been through such an ordeal before, and are naturally frightened and rattled. Fortunately, many American colleges and universities have policies in place to protect the academic freedom of research scholars and instructional faculty members. Moreover, some professors have the benefit of tenure protections that can hamper administrative attempts to summarily dismiss them, if only to placate the mob.


But those protections are not enough if academics do not know how to make use of them, or if they make mistakes in the heat of the moment that can undermine their legal position. And rules are only as good as the people who apply them.


Faculty members who find themselves on this unfamiliar terrain need a first-aid kit to minimize the damage until they are able to secure legal assistance to help them navigate the perils of a free-speech controversy. In some cases, self-help will be sufficient to weather the storm. In others, professors will need to prepare for a longer fight in order to keep their jobs and their professional standing.


We offer the following advice as members of the newly formed Academic Freedom Alliance, made up of more than 400 faculty members who span the nation and the ideological spectrum. The group exists to provide moral, strategic, and legal assistance to faculty members whose academic freedom and/or job status have been harmed or jeopardized improperly for something they have said or written. We’ll start with a few broad principles, and then some practical tips, for all faculty members — whatever their politics — who run into trouble after expressing their views.

RACISM ALERT: Elizabethtown College edition. Where do these people think all this racism leads us?  “No whites allowed at anti-racist Elizabethtown College event.”

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