Sex in the Schools

THERE SEEMS TO BE AN EPIDEMIC OF THIS SORT OF THING: Teacher arrested for allegedly trying to solicit sex from 14-year-old

FEMALE TEACHERS HAVE SEX WITH MINORS HAS BECOME A THING IN AMERICA’S GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS IN THE LAST TWO DECADES. I’d like to see a good psychological explanation for why this is happening. “Ex-principal at Indiana elementary school charged with sexual misconduct with a minor.”

GOOD. Why do the government schools have such a sexual deviancy problem with teachers? #JustWalkAway: “Wisconsin teacher who secretly videotaped undressed students gets 12 years in jail.”


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AT WHAT POINT DO YOU SAY: “GEE, YA KNOW WHAT, THIS GOVERNMENT SCHOOL THING JUST ISN’T WORKING”? Connecticut high school teacher allegedly took dozens of up-skirt photos of female students.”