Sex in the Schools

Leftist teachers consider parents to be the adversary, to be replaced by woke “experts” in the classroom. Proof lies in these video clips of activist teachers discussing how to recruit young children into LGBT clubs without their parents’ knowledge.

Since you won’t hear this from your child’s teachers or school administrators, you’ll have to get it from Chris Rufo. He writes about ” a network of professional activists, who have smuggled university-style gender theory into more than 4,000 schools under the cover of “gender and sexuality” clubs, or GSAs.” They not only want to “queer” every child, but to abolish police and the judicial system, dismantle capitalism, blah blah blah. They also warn club advisors to avoid telling parents what they and the kids are up to. Happy back to school!



One book contains particularly disturbing content for children by encouraging violence against those who fail to use preferred pronouns. The comic-style book, A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns, claims it “exists to educate and inform people on gender neutral pronouns — specifically they/them.” The book goes on to say “if education fails and folks are being jerks, you can just throw this book in their face. It’s the future, we don’t have time for that nonsense.”


Worrying truth of what kids are really learning in Sex Education: Many schools have handed over their classes to unregulated groups pushing woke agenda


THERE SEEMS TO BE AN EPIDEMIC OF THIS SORT OF THING: Teacher arrested for allegedly trying to solicit sex from 14-year-old

FEMALE TEACHERS HAVE SEX WITH MINORS HAS BECOME A THING IN AMERICA’S GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS IN THE LAST TWO DECADES. I’d like to see a good psychological explanation for why this is happening. “Ex-principal at Indiana elementary school charged with sexual misconduct with a minor.”

GOOD. Why do the government schools have such a sexual deviancy problem with teachers? #JustWalkAway: “Wisconsin teacher who secretly videotaped undressed students gets 12 years in jail.”


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AT WHAT POINT DO YOU SAY: “GEE, YA KNOW WHAT, THIS GOVERNMENT SCHOOL THING JUST ISN’T WORKING”? Connecticut high school teacher allegedly took dozens of up-skirt photos of female students.”