THIS MUST BE OPPOSED AT ALL COSTS, NO MATTER WHAT: Biden wants government to teach children starting at age 3

#JustWalkAway. Your kids deserve better: Active-Shooter Drills for Preschoolers Raise Concerns

I AM PREDICTING THE RISE OF A NEW, PREVIOUSLY UNTAPPED SOCIAL FORCE IN AMERICA IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS. Let us call this force, “Grandfathers United.” This is a large group of men counting in the millions who are well established, secure in their positions in life, have a lot of time on their hands, and are willing to give up everything to protect their grandchildren. Cross-dressing picture book allegedly a class assignment in Kansas City-area preschool, sending grandfather into battle


A children’s book promoting cross-dressing was handed out this week to a 4-year-old’s Kansas City-area preschool class, according to the girl’s livid grandfather.


“This is what my granddaughter’s teacher sent home today with all the kids,” Jim Clay of Kansas City, Kansas, wrote on Facebook Monday night of the picture book Jacob’s New Dress. He wrote that his granddaughter is 4-and-a-half and he is peeved.


The incident occurred at Turner Elementary School. Clay’s post, which is not public, was reposted on several conservative Facebook pages in the area.


Clay told The Lion that apparently all the kids in the class had been given the book with instructions to read it with their parents and then be prepared to discuss it in class.

The bizarre choice of books might help explain some of his granddaughter’s strange questions of late, Clay said.


“We had started to see some little questions that she was coming home with. Here about a week and a half ago she had come home and asked her mom if her brother would always be her little brother, or would he be her little sister,” Clay said.


The grandfather said he doesn’t know if the book assignment was the teacher’s decision or the school district’s, but he intends to find out. The book has also been a point of controversy for being read to kindergartners in Lawrence Township Public Schools in New Jersey.


“I’m not necessarily a crusader so much. I don’t know if God’s called me to be a crusader,” Clay said. “But at least for my own granddaughter I want to be able to have the option to keep her home on [book discussion] day if her parents are OK with it. I don’t think this should be, obviously, any kind of a subject for a school to be speaking about.


“The sexualization of our children in society today is just disgusting. The grooming that’s taking place is disgusting.


“My kids used to dress up like Power Rangers when they were kids, and we’d pretend that they were a Power Ranger with them. I’m not interested in pretending that guys are girls and girls are guys.

NO, SERIOUSLY. YOUR CHILDREN ARE IN THE VERY BEST OF HANDS: A Preschool Teacher’s Disturbing Social Media Gets Him Barred from Job


A preschool teacher in Portland, Oregon, who is the recipient of thousands of dollars in donations after coming forward about contracting monkeypox, has been deemed a “serious danger to the health and safety of children” following the revelation of a disturbing social media history first investigated by Newsweek.


On June 4, 2021, he tweeted about masturbating at work on his account, “@Sensual_Bottom.” “It felt sooooo good,” he wrote. “I don’t know why I haven’t done this yet.” The tweet marked the beginning of him posting regularly about being sexually aroused or under the influence at work. The bio-line of his account read: “30 year old Mexican oral power bottom living in Portland, OR. Preschool teacher by day and sensual bottom by night. 18+.”


On Nov. 17, 2021, he posted two nude photographs of himself. On Dec. 15, 2021, he tweeted: “Hungover, horny, and at work.” The posts continued in 2022. On Jan. 13, he tweeted: “I’m so horny at work.” On April 4, he wrote: “I swear I’m still high rn [right now] at work. And horny.”


On June 30, he announced he was going into sex work by creating accounts on Only Fans and Just for Fans. “This body needs to be exposed,” he tweeted. On July 18, he tweeted that he’d been fantasizing about oral sex “last night at work.” Reyes Rojas’ account features over 500 images or videos of pornographic content showing him having sex with other men, masturbating or displaying his genitals. Most of the images partially hide or obscure his face but many feature him in a living room home arranged with album artwork from pop singers. That same room and music artwork can be seen in his public media interviews and photos posted on his fundraiser.


“SAY THREE TIMES AFTER ME KIDS: CRT IS NOT TAUGHT IN OUR SCHOOLS, CRT IS NOT TAUGHT IN OUR SCHOOLS, CRT IS NOT TAUGHT IN OUR SCHOOLS”: State Superintendent Says She Won’t Approve Curriculum That Instructs Disabled Preschoolers To ‘Deconstruct Whiteness’



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TK IS NOT OKAY  Nobel Prize-winning University of Chicago economist James Heckman, a highly regarded expert on early child development, when asked about universal pre-K in a recent interview, said, “I have never supported universal pre-school. … No public preschool program can provide the environments and the parental love and care of a functioning family and the lifetime benefits that ensue.”

In California, parents are abandoning the k-12 system, college enrollment is down, and now the state is trying to lure 4-year-olds to transitional kindergarten.

According to just released data from the California Department of Education, the state has lost 110,000 students this school year, and has fewer than 6 million students for the first time this century. Additionally, on the college level, California’s fall 2021 undergraduate enrollment dropped by nearly a quarter-million students since pre-pandemic fall 2019, according to a survey released in January. The report from the National Student Clearinghouse shows that California saw an overall decline of more than 99,000 (4.3%) in undergraduate enrollment from fall 2020 to fall 2021, driven mostly by a 9.9% drop in the community colleges.

NO WORDS:  WATCH: Polyamorous, genderfluid ‘witch’ brags about how she teaches her preschool students about sexuality


FOLLOWING THE SCIENCE AS USUAL:  High-Quality Study Finds Preschool Enrollment Makes Children Learn Less And Misbehave More

Low-income children who attended Tennessee’s highly praised preschool program performed significantly worse on every academic and social measurement by sixth grade compared to peers who did not attend the program, a recent high-quality study found.


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