WE’RE TRYING!  To Fight Marxist Education, We Need a New Kind of School

The Marxists, to be sure, got what they sought: successive generations of Americans bereft of the building blocks necessary to comprehend that they’d been cheated of basic knowledge.  Those with no understanding of history lack the acumen to steer the future.  Those deprived of great literature remain ill prepared for complex ideas or weighty emotions.  Those who don’t first train their minds with the foundations of mathematics and logic lose their potential to build anything new.  To create automatons incapable of dissent or resistance, the Marxists simply destroyed education.

The unsavory result has been that America is now a nation of people with many titles and degrees but diminished capacity for critical thought and reflection.  Just as Congress and the White House work today to disarm Americans of their constitutionally protected firearms, the successive governments behind the Department of Education’s demolition of public schooling have disarmed too many Americans of their potential for reason and rationality.  Anyone who doubts that unassailable truth need only look around to see a society unable to distinguish men from women, alleviate its existential angst over ridiculously ludicrous tales of climate apocalypse, or comprehend that the very people who speak endlessly of “saving democracy” or “fighting fascism” are the same ones destroying democratic institutions and promoting the State’s totalitarian authority.

Where do we go from here?  Well, at the risk of sounding too optimistic, I’d say now is the time for the freethinkers, rebels, and iconoclasts to unleash hell and spread knowledge as never before.  Not all education takes place in school, after all.  Some might say, in fact, that no real education can take place entirely in school.