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THIS IS GOOD NEWS.  LET’S HOPE IT ACCELERATES.  Teachers Flee Unions As Membership Plummets By Almost 60,000

HAVEN’T WE BEEN THROUGH THIS ALREADY?  U New Mexico requires use of preferred pronouns

PODCAST:  Homeschool Graduate’s Journey through Harvard 

Homeschool graduate Ben Porteous was a student at Harvard University when Harvard Magazine published an article calling for a ban on homeschooling—a shocking idea from a school that has historically welcomed homeschool graduates. Join Jim Mason (HSLDA President) and Ben as they discuss Ben’s experience as a homeschool graduate attending the elite university. Ben shares how homeschooling fostered his love of learning languages and history, eventually earning him the honor of delivering the Latin Salutatory at Harvard’s 2022 commencement.

DOESN’T THE LEFT PREACH TOLERANCE?  Pro-abortion protesters harass pro-life activists

The group reports on its website that pro-abortion students formed a 200-person group with some chanting “I want to kill all babies.”


“At least two individuals spat at TFP volunteers, and others shredded TFP flyers and littered the sidewalk,” the group states. “One individual ate a TFP flyer, ripping pieces off and stuffing them into his mouth.”

DIVERSITY > MERIT  Top schools believe they can’t have both and so must compromise on merit. ‘Writing On The Wall’: Here’s Why Top US Universities May Be Pulling Out Of High-Profile Ranking System


BEWARE FREE MONEY BECAUSE IT’S NEVER FREE  Cracked Foundations: Philanthropy’s Bid to Control Public Schools


wrote recently about Florida’s new emphasis on civic education in public schools. Gov. Ron DeSantis has led the Sunshine State to put real money behind educating both teachers and students about American government and history. This includes funding earmarked for teacher training and for teachers themselves. Still, some people don’t like it.

MSNBCVanity Fair, and the Miami Times all ran stories focused on a handful of teachers who say Florida’s changes will interfere with their ability to teach students that the American Founders believed slavery was good and wanted a strict separation of church and state. In other words, a group of teachers who want to lie to students in order to alienate them from their country.

FASCINATING READING, IF YOU HAVE SOME TIME  EdChoice Study Guide A review of the research on private school choice 2022 edition

Some highlights:

  • Researchers who study students over longer periods of time find that, after four years in the voucher program, this effect is reversed. Their test scores actually surpass their public school peers.
  • Overall, parents who use private school choice programs are more satisfied with their children’s experiences in schools of choice.
  • Most studies have found voucher and tax-credit scholarship students are more likely to graduate, enroll in college and persist in college than their public school peers.



BECAUSE THEY’RE PART OF A GOOD, LIBERAL ARTS EDUCATION  Princeton University offers classes on ‘BDSM,’ ‘Fetishism and Decolonization’

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