THE EDUCATION DEEP STATE WANTS TO EXTEND THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOL SYSTEM TO INFANTS AND TODDLERS. This is a recipe for disaster on several different fronts, and you should resist it with all your might, but for god sake don’t act like, ya know, “domestic terrorists”: “Childcare Entitlement Will Send Federal Costs Skyrocketing.”

President Joe Biden and the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives are struggling to gain support for their $3.5 trillion reconciliation package, with moderates saying it is too costly. The new childcare entitlement is a perfect example of its largess. The Democrats want the federal government to cover childcare expenses for rich and poor families alike, funded through higher taxes and borrowed money, while driving up childcare costs through wage mandates and new regulations on childcare providers at the same time. Not only is the childcare entitlement a recipe for skyrocketing federal costs, it will magnify current problems by pushing out small, family providers through increased requirements, and reduce family choices in the process.