SOCIALIZATION, GOVERNMENT-SCHOOL STYLE. ‘Cause, ya know, socialization is really important: California teen dies from brain injuries from high school fight, mom claims. “Juarez, a single mom of two, claimed Mejia often returned home covered in bruises after she enrolled at the public school in south LA eight months ago. The distraught mother allegedly took pictures and documented her daughter’s injuries to report them to school officials and campus police, but her pleas for help reportedly went unheard, according to KTLA. . . . The grieving mother blamed the tragedy on the school after she reported the videos to the officials and claimed nothing was done with the bullies.” AND LOOK, EVEN MORE SOCIALIZATION AT THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS. Never forget that the virtue of socialization is why you should never homeschool your children: High School Teacher Accused Of Sex With A Dozen Boys, Buying Them Vapes, Booze