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IT’S SILLY THAT THIS EVEN NEEDS TO BE FOUGHT FOR IN 2023: “Missouri homeschool families seek access to public school activities, teams.”

I WONDER IF MORE ART TEACHERS ARE WHAT CALIFORNIA SCHOOLS REALLY NEEDS RIGHT NOW: Amplifying the arts in California: School districts will soon hire more art teachers.”

ANYTHING TO INCREASE THOSE APPROVAL NUMBERS: “What is universal pre-K? Whitmer proposes ‘Pre-K for All’ in Michigan.”

WELCOME BACK TO COLLEGE FELLOW MEMBERS OF THE PANDEMIC GENERATION: “Former college dropouts enroll in CUNY by the thousands.”

BET YOU WON’T HEAR ABOUT THIS ON CNN OR MSNBC: “Former Virginia Teacher Union president arrested for embezzling over $400K.”

IT MUST BE SO WEIRD TO BE A PROFESSIONAL CRITIC: “Critics say Florida aims to rewrite history by rejecting African American studies.”

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY IS CERTAINLY STAYING IN THE NEWS: “Gov. Ron DeSantis appointed Daniel Espino to the Miami-Dade County School Board.

IN-PERSON EDUCATION IS HERE TO STAY (WORLDWIDE): “Alberta bans masking mandates in schools, guarantees in-person learning.”

TEACHER SHORTAGES ARE BECOMING THE NORM: “Gov. Murphy signs executive order addressing the teacher shortage.”

YEAH, I WOULDN’T BANK ON IT: “Biden Predicts Student Loan Relief Checks Within Two Weeks.”

DAILY DOSE OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION NEWS: “Protest against plans Polish government for centralising school curriculums.”

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