June 9, 2023

IT’S A COMEDY SHOW WITHOUT THE HUMOR: Oakland teachers striking over slavery reparations…

THE ABUSE ABYSS Most recently, the Defense of Freedom Institute uncovered “a systemic failure by federal, state, and local authorities to prevent sexual abuse of students in public schools.” Released on May 31, Catching the Trash finds that public schools have experienced an epidemic of sexual abuse and that federal, state, and local authorities have not done enough to ensure that students are protected during the school day.


Some of the egregious cases of teachers sexually abusing their students are well publicized. Perhaps none more so than Mark Berndt, who did terrible things to children for years at Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles. Shockingly, he would blindfold his second graders and feed them cookies smeared with his semen. The remedy employed by the Los Angeles Unified School District when Berndt was busted in 2012 was to bar lessons involving blindfolds and classroom-made butter. Seriously.

THE FEDS SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO MEDDLE: Civil Rights Lawlessness in Public Education

THEY’RE DOING THIS TO YOUR CHILDREN, AND YET YOU KEEP THEM IN THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS. WHY? Orange County teacher placed on leave after anatomy lesson…

OF COURSE THEY DID! WHY WOULD YOU BE SURPRISED? Parents say elementary school showed LGBTQ video without permission

June 6, 2023

LET’S ABOLISH THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS. Really, if you think about it, what do we have to lose? Mom outraged after Texas high school postpones graduation: ‘Catastrophic failure of leadership’

OF COURSE, SHE DID. If we’re being honest, Harvard became a joke a very long time ago: Former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lands teaching gig at Harvard after leaving office

🚨 🚨**Warning** 🚨 🚨 Read this article with caution: Virginia mom denounces book with illustrations of ‘deviant sex acts’ in school library, demands answers What would you do about this book if were in your eight-year-old’s school library?

June 5, 2023

THEY CAN’T READ OR WRITE WORTH A DAMN, BUT OUR KDS SURE AS HECK KNOW HOW TO ACHIEVE ANAL STIMULATION AND WHERE TO PURCHASE SEX TOYS. This is what is being taught in the government schools. #JustWalkAway. #AbolishtheGovernmentSchools:



June 2, 2023

BROUGHT ABOUT BY FEDERAL MEDDLING: The Decline and Fall of the University

THIS WOMAN IS EITHER WICKED OR STUPID OR BOTH. Hard to tell: Med school professor says parents must enforce gender ideology ‘at birth,’ or earlier

THE GOVERNMENT PUT DEI IN THE SCHOOLS, SO I’M NOT SURE WHY IT CAN’T TAKE IT OUT: DeSantis Signs Legislation Eliminating Diversity, Equity And Inclusion In Higher Education


HOW MANY TIMES CAN EDUCATION BE REINVENTED? Seriously. This is becoming a joke. New! Advanced Public Education! Compare With Brand ‘Equity’!

HEY, HERE’S AN IDEA: LET’S ABOLISH THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT SCHOOL SYSTEM, WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY BUILT ON “WHITE SUPREMACY” AND “INSTITUTIONAL VIOLENCE.” Brilliant! Music classes cut in Washington state over ‘white supremacy’ and ‘institutional violence’

IT WAS NEVER VERY GOOD TO BEGIN WITH: How the Teachers Union Broke Public Education

THE LEFTIES AREN’T EDUCATORS — THEY’RE BRAINWASHERS:  A Devastating Expose of America’s Colleges

June 1, 2023

NO KIDDING, SHERLOCK: ‘Price Comes Down … Scores Go Up,’ Scott Says of Effects of Competition on Education ‘Monopoly’Education is a local and state issue, not a federal matter, Sen. Tim Scott says.” If that’s true, then why is there a federal Department of Education.

THIS IS DEEPLY TROUBLING. IT’S MORALLY WRONG. THE MORAL IMPERATIVE OF OUR TIME IS TO DISMANTLE THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOL SYSTEM: ‘Deeply Perverse’: California School Board ‘Turns Education on its Head’ in Transgender Vote; Faces Lawsuit

OF COURSE THEY LIED; THEY’VE BEEN LYING FOR THREE YEARS ABOUT TEACHING CRITICAL RACE THEORY: Indiana Public School Officials Admit Lying to Parents About Critical Race Theory

CHEATERS GONNA CHEAT: The State of AI-Chatbot Detection

“TRUTH” WHAT TRUTH? The idea of “truth” is so yesterday. Don’t you know we live in a post-truth society? ‘War on Woke’: DeSantis Says Florida Will Teach Truth, American Exceptionalism


Woke ideology is a war on truth, so Florida Gov. Ron DeSantisis waging a “war on woke” in education and other arenas, the Republican said at The Heritage Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Leadership Summit.


In his keynote address on Friday, DeSantis said education in the Sunshine State will not impose political indoctrination on children but will follow the classical model.


“We believe in the traditional, classical mission of education,” DeSantis said. “We want to be able to pursue truth. We want to be able to promote rigor, and we want to give students the foundation so that they can think for themselves and be citizens of our republic.”


The left-wing agenda has no place in public education, DeSantis said.

“Woke ideology is a form of cultural Marxism that seeks to divide our society on the basis of identity politics,” he warned. “It is an attack on merit and an attack on achievement. It represents a war on truth.”

May 31, 2023

FOR THE MOST PART, THERE IS NO HOPE FOR HIGHER EDUCATION. Believe it or not, the universities will only become worse academically and ideologically. They are no longer serious places of higher education. And then there’s the bureaucracy . . . Academic Failure and the Loss of Discourse.

MEDIOCRITY IS THE LEAST OF THE PROBLEMS IN THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS: New Book Pulls Back Curtain on Public Schools’ ‘Mediocrity’ Sending Parents, Students to Exits

THIS WILL GO ON FOREVER AS LONG AS THERE ARE GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS. #AbolishGovernmentSchools: Louisiana Bill Would Ban K-12 Classroom Discussion of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity

ANOTHER CASE OF ‘EQUITY’ UNDERMINING STANDARDS:  The Strange World of “Citational Justice”

OH, YOU MEAN THE SAME GOVERNOR WHO SENT HIS CHILD TO A $35,000 P/YEAR PRIVATE SCHOOL: North Carolina’s Democrat Governor Declares Emergency Over School Choice ‘Scheme’

May 29, 2023

THIS TREND IS GONG TO CONTINUE INTO THE FORSEEABLE FUTURE: College Enrollment Still Dropping 3 Years After Lockdowns

THE SOVIETIZATION OF AMERICAN SCIENCE: Campus Puritans Come for an Astronomer—And His Byline

DON’T KID YOURSELF: THIS IS IDEOLOGICAL WARFARE. You must arm yourself intellectually to defend your children from those who would harm them intellectually and psychologically: Blue State Teachers Union Trained Educators To Combat ‘Attacks’ From Parental Rights Group

SERIOUSLY, IF YOU’RE CHILD’S SCHOOL IS STILL ENFORCING COVID PROTOCOLS YOU SHOULD REMOVE THEM IMMEDIATELY. They deserve better: Blue City Schools Are Still Enforcing COVID Protocols, Keeping Kids Out Of Class As Grades Plummet

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