THE COLLEGE DEBT RELIEF SWINDLE Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) – a lawyer and former Native American – claimed that President Biden “has the legal authority to cancel student loan debt,” and talked about the “millions of working families” being “crushed by student loan debt.” But, she said, “if the Supreme Court follows the law instead of playing politics, then student loan debt will be canceled.”

As colleges go woke, dumb down curricula, and raise tuition fees, Pickpocket-in-Chief Joe Biden wants you to foot the bill.

It’s no secret that colleges have become woke fad factories, where students aren’t learning the things they need to become productive citizens, but instead are being indoctrinated into the radical causes-du-jour. Additionally, colleges are dropping entry requirements, dumbing down curricula, and a majority of students – poorly prepared by their k-12 experience – are finding their classes too difficult.

Adding insult to injury, in August, President Biden announced his loan cancellation plan to help “borrowers meet their economic potential and avoid economic harm from the COVID-19 pandemic.” His action (Congressional involvement was nowhere to be found) would erase $400 billion in student debt – one of the most ambitious and expensive executive actions ever.