POMPEO V. WEINGARTEN: THE WAY FORWARD  I saw up close and personal what I have always felt – that the teachers unions are running on empty. The emperor is naked as a jaybird. Not only don’t they have anything to offer in the way of true education reform, they are the greatest impediment we have to any meaningful change. All the lofty words from teacher union presidents over the years about higher quality schools, teacher accountability, putting the interests of students first, etc. are nothing but empty rhetoric meant to lead the public to believe that children are their highest priority.

How Mike Pompeo might get Randi Weingarten to debate him.

We live in a hyperbolic age. “Trump is a Nazi!” and “The January 6 attack on the Capitol was an insurrection!” are but two of the myriad over-the-top phrases that permeate our media and culture these days. Now, we can add a new bit of shrill distortion to the list. On Nov. 21, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo referred to Randi Weingarten, longtime president of the American Federation of Teachers, as “the most dangerous person in the world.”