WHOA, DOMESTIC TERRORIST ALERT! How do you know that the revolution is here and now, this is how you know . . .  Mom threatens Texas House meeting with ‘ambulance-chasing’ lawsuits over CRT: ‘Ya’ll are trippin’


A mom who threatened a Texas House of Representatives education meeting with lawsuits if her daughter is taught critical race theory spoke about her frustration with public education in an interview with Fox News Digital.


“If my daughter is taught CRT at all, I will sue you. If my daughter is taught [social and emotional learning] at all I will sue you. I am encouraging every parent I know to sue you; to sue every teacher, every principal, every system, everybody up the chain… because we’re tired of y’all,” said a mother named Gabrielle Clark on June 26 at a public education hearing.


“I’m an atheist, bisexual, bi-racial, homeless person… I do not want my child to be taught that just because she is Black and a woman she ain’t gonna make it. I do not want my daughter to be taught that she needs to express herself sexually in her classroom.”