WELCOME TO AMERICA’S GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS: Substitute Teacher Arrested For Paying Middle School Students $5 To Jump Their Classmate. 


Aadrina Salean Smith, a 24-year-old substitute P.E. teacher, was arrested Monday after allegedly encouraging five children to beat up another student as she watched nearby. The incident occurred on Aug. 23 during a gym class in which Smith was subbing for another full-time teacher at North Caddo Elementary Middle School in Vivian, Louisiana. Caddo Youth Services Division alleges that Smith offered to pay five different students five dollars each to tackle their classmate. . . . The statement further notes that video evidence of the incident exists and shows Smith verbally communicating with the students and appearing to congratulate three of the boys who participated in the assault. Smith also appears in the footage, sitting in the bleachers while the battered victim lay on the gym floor. He later got up, but with no assistance from the substitute teacher who neither helped nor reported the incident.