UNSEASONABLY HOT FOR NC DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION SECRETARY CATHERINE TRUITT, AND IT’S A BEAUTIFUL THING: Last week, I posted about how NC Secretary of Public Instruction, Catherine Truitt was about to renew a contract with a vendor supplying Critical Race Theory-based curriculum to UNC’s Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute. The bad news is, she signed it, and now preschool special ed teachers at UNC/FPG will be taught to “decenter whiteness” in their classrooms, in themselves, and in the students they teach.

BUT, the very good news is, she is feeling some serious heat for doing so. Here are all the outlets holding her accountable, so far: Louder With Crowder, DailyWire, Daily Caller, and Breitbart.

Be sure to scroll down the page on Breitbart, that’s me on the right with Sloan, covering the topic in our livestream last week!

I have also written a letter to the NC Education Oversight Committee, asking then to hold Catherine Truitt Accountable.


Please join me in putting pressure on them to do so. CRT is bad enough without it being taught to TODDLERS with special needs!