TIME TO FACE REALITY, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. If this happens and you did nothing to stop it, then it’s on you: Coming soon to Minnesota! Teachers must demonstrate a Marxist worldview to obtain their teaching license

Marxist ideology and practices are coming to Minnesota schools disguised as new teacher licensing rules.

The Minnesota teacher licensing board is called the Professional Educators Licensing and Standards Board or PELSB. Each board member was appointed by Gov. Walz and PELSB is fast tracking new teacher licensing requirements.

The new standards will embed basic Marxist principles and practices such as critical race theory (CRT), fluid sexual identity, and gender politics into all Minnesota schools. Standard Marxist practices and dogma divide people into opposing groups so that students and teachers must view themselves not as individuals, but as members of groups—oppressor groups or oppressed groups, and oppressed groups must be liberated from the exploitation of their oppressors.

When formally adopted, the new requirements must be met to become or remain licensed to teach in Minnesota, including teaching in Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) from pre-natal on, and Adult Basic Education, Rule Draft RD4615 (cplaction.com) – (key language is highlighted in yellow). Since nonpublic schools generally hire licensed teachers, these standards will apply to them as well.