THIS IS SOME SERIOUSLY CREEPY STUFF, AND I MEAN REALLY CREEPY: ‘Cult-Retreat-Like Experience’: California Teacher Describes Training Session Where Educators Were Pressured To Use Students’ Preferred Pronouns

A staff member at one of the nation’s largest school districts said he participated in a “cult-retreat-like experience” during a teacher training session, according to a report from Parents Defending Education (PDE), a national non-profit focused on parents’ roles in education.


The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) used materials drafted by the California Conference for Equality and Justice (CCEJ), a non-profit group aiming to “eliminate bias, bigotry and racism through providing anti-bias education,” for a training session where educators participated in “socioemotional learning” and affirmed “critical social justice gender ideology,” according to a report from Parents Defending Education. One LAUSD staff member told PDE that participants were led by a “restorative justice teacher” in lessons regarding gender and race in schools.


“Trainers called for us [educators] to raise our hands if we could commit to using preferred pronouns and STAND UP if we commit to using trans students’ preferred names,” the staffer said, adding that if they didn’t stand up “it was an obvious sign that you’re problematic and bigoted and in the wrong.”


Educators were also given a handout titled “Identity Working Terms” to “address when students or staff make an ‘unacceptable’ error in words or actions that are against gender ideology.” . . .


Another slide titled “Interrupting Bias: Calling Out vs. Calling In” tells staffers instances where they should “call out” when someone’s “words or actions are unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” and “interrupt in order to prevent further harm,” which “will likely feel hard and uncomfortable, but necessary.”