THIS FATHER HAS NO RIGHT TO BE UPSET. He has no right to voice his complaints to the Loudoun County school board, despite the fact that his ninth-grade daughter was raped in the women’s bathroom by a young man dressed in a skirt.  Arrest the father. Throw him in jail. He’s a domestic terrorist: “Loudoun County Dad Says His Daughter Was Raped by Boy in Girls’ Bathroom and School Tried to Cover It Up.”

When Scott Smith went to the Loudoun County school board meeting on June 22, he says he had one intention — to tell the story of his daughter’s rape.


One of the items to be discussed at the meeting was a proposed school district policy that would allow students to enter their bathroom of choice based on their “gender identity.”


A number of protesting parents had gathered to voice their opinions. Others supported the policy, denouncing their more conservative peers as bigots.


School superintendent Scott Ziegler assured parents that there is no reason to be concerned over the inclusion of transgender students in bathrooms and locker rooms.


When Beth Barts, a member of the school board, asked at the meeting if the school district had “assaults in our bathrooms or locker rooms regularly,” Ziegler said that wasn’t a problem.


“To my knowledge, we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms,” he said, according to The Daily Wire (subscription required). . . .

But, according to The Daily Wire, Smith knew these words to be beside the point. He said his child, a ninth-grade girl, had been raped in a girls’ bathroom by a “bisexual” boy.


As Smith was getting ready to say his piece at the meeting, he told The Daily Wire, a left-wing community activist approached and told him that she did not believe his daughter. Strange how quickly the left’s “believe all women” motto has turned into “believe only the women who further our political agenda.”


A shouting match between the two then ensued. This led to a police officer pulling on Smith’s arm. He yanked away, was then hit in the face, handcuffed and dragged out of the meeting, The Daily Wire reported.

Video of this “domestic terrorist’s” arrest can be seen here: