STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES. I’m sorry—I really am—but I have to ask: are all Georgetown students this dimwitted? “Video: College students see socialism as ‘good thing,’ would abolish private property rights.”

An online video shows students at a prestigious American university near the nation’s capital touting the benefits of socialism and supporting the abolition of private property rights.


“I’m [a] socialist,” a Georgetown University student said in a video posted by Campus Reform. “It’s kind of the only way we’re going to get anything close to real…social reform.”


That same student later dismissed the idea of private property rights and claimed it’s “really not” a right people have.

After watching this video, I’m starting to think that the quality of education and students at Georgetown is not what we’ve been led to believe:

AH, NOW I KNOW WHY GEORGETOWN STUDENTS AREN’T SO WELL EDUCATED: “Georgetown professor takes heat after mocking parental involvement in schoolkids’ education.”