SEEMS LIKE A CYNICAL ATTEMPT TO ADVERTISE HER NEW ART HOBBY: Space race: Astrophysics is racist, according to woke professor

Most of Gosnell’s career has been dictated by the hyper-masculine world of astrophysics. Now, she is deciding that she doesn’t have to fit into that mold — she is changing the ways she teaches physics, and the way she professionally shares it.

Gosnell’s new immersive art piece entitled “The Gift” walks the line in between creativity and science, and exemplifies that which was missing for Gosnell in the sharing of science: creativity. The piece is experienced in a room with audial and visual stimuli, and through a book about an astrophysical phenomenon of a dying star as seen through the eyes of Gosnell and her co-creators, Janani Balasubramanian and Andrew Kircher.