PUSHBACK IN THE CULTURE WARS Needless to say, the wokesters have not taken kindly to the governor’s actions. The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin accused DeSantis of going “full-blown white supremacist.”

DeSantis and some state legislators are stepping up.

“The largest cultural menace in America is the conformity of the intellectual cliques which, in education as well as the arts, are out to impose upon the nation their modish fads and fallacies, and have nearly succeeded in doing so. In this cultural issue, we are, without reservations, on the side of excellence (rather than ‘newness’) and of honest intellectual combat (rather than conformity).

The above words were from William F Buckley’s National Review mission statement in 1955. Sadly, almost 70 years later, our “intellectual cliques” and, in fact, increasing numbers of our institutions are faddier and more fallacious than ever. In short, our country in many areas has gone bull-goose loony. To wit….