LOOKS LIKE THE MEDIA IS WORKING FOR THE SECURITY STATE #1: “Cover-Up? Media Blames Anti-CRT Parents for Meeting Chaos, But Startling Video Exposes What Really Happened.”

LOOKS LIKE THE MEDIA IS WORKING FOR THE SECURITY STATE #2: “The Biden Administration Is Openly Trying to Intimidate Parents.”

First, parents, who have every right to confront board members at meetings, write them angry emails and call their offices, shouldn’t be treated like the Weather Underground simply because a small fraction of them act like buffoons. If we used the Biden administration standard, presidents would summon the FBI to investigate domestic terrorism for virtually any political protest.


Can you imagine the outrage if a Republican administration had written directives on how to investigate women who were participating in “resist” meetings or the Black Lives Matter movement?


When the Trump administration sent federal agents to Portland, Oregon, after professional antifa rioters — a group widely celebrated by left-wing commentators — tried to firebomb a federal courthouse, there was hysteria. “Trump’s Occupation of American Cities Has Begun,” wrote Michelle Goldberg in The New York Times. “Can we call it fascism yet?”


Second, Garland’s memorandum creates the impression that parents who are legally confronting school boards that enact (unscientific) masking policies for elementary-school children are in league with political extremists.


It treats those who oppose curriculums that instruct kids to view fellow citizens solely through the prism of race or teach them that the United States is a fundamentally racist enterprise as would-be violent radicals — rather than patriots.


Domestic terrorism entails the use of violent, criminal acts to further specific ideological goals. There is no evidence such a movement exists. But contra The Associated Press, and many others, the same president who says the harassment of a senator in a bathroom by illegal-immigrant activists is just part of “the process” is using an NSBA claim of “domestic terrorism” as an excuse to deputize the nation’s top domestic police force to halt lawful speech.

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