INEPT AND RADICAL LEADERSHIP HAS TAKEN THE FORMERLY GOLDEN STATE TO A NEW LOW. Should you suffer from gender dysphoria – which the schools have done a masterful job of promulgating – Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a bunch of bills that will ensure your distressed state will be honored. AB 5, the “Safe and Supportive Schools Act,” requires implementing new “LGBTQ cultural competency training” for teachers and school staff in California.

If you live in another state, a general rule of thumb should be, if action is needed, do the opposite of whatever California is doing.

California has long been known for its sun, surf, and mountains, not to mention its wine, women, and song. But of late, it has been the go-to state for bad news and is showing no sign of turning things around. At this time, we have the country’s highest gas prices, the highest number of welfare recipients (more than in Texas and New York combined), and a Sacramento-created energy shortage. Due to lax policies, crime is out of control. In 2021, the two cities in the country that were most affected by retail theft were Los Angeles and San Francisco. Also, violent crime is up 13% in the state since 2019. This is not a national phenomenon. In Florida, for example, it’s down 31.5%.