IDEAS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. Here’s how it works: Cal Berkeley Law EXPOSED: Class Credit to Aid the Revolution.


Over a decade ago, Hans von Spakovsky and I published the “Every Single One” series here at PJ Media. It took a federal lawsuit by PJ Media to obtain the resumes of all the new Eric Holder-hired lawyers in the Civil Rights Division. We documented the radical progressive backgrounds of every single one of Holder’s new lawyers in the so-called neutral “civil service.”


The series exposed the “swamp” before the term swamp was fashionable. We had seen the problem up close when we both worked inside the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. Eventually, even the DOJ Inspector General urged the Obama administration to change course and hire a more ideologically diverse attorney pool.


Of course, the Obama administration ignored the suggestion because there was a fundamental transformation to complete. Now, we find ourselves in 2023, and the problem has only gotten worse.


A radicalized civil service is downstream from radicalized elite law schools.