I DONT’ MEAN TO BE SNARKY, BUT NO KIDDING SHERLOCK.  “There is no proof that involved, concerned parents are a dangerous threat to school boards.” The real threat comes from the use of America’s national security state to monitor, intimidate, and prosecute parents for the crime of caring too much about the education of their children.  

And what will likely happen when the FBI trains school administrators and school board members to be on the lookout for threats? Odds are, they will call the FBI to report parents who are irate about things like masks or the curriculum.


Just as people are more likely to use a weapon if it is in easy reach, irate administrators and school board members may call the FBI on parents who are bothering them. This action, or the possibility of it, will prompt parents to stop participating in school activities.


When parents are less involved, parents have more negative attitudes to their children’s schools, losing trust in government and general, and becoming skeptical of the government’s ability to address social problems. That’s according to research that looked at how standardized testing alienates parents from their children’s schools. But I’d predict other sources of alienation – like administrators reporting on parents – will have the same effect.