FAMOUS NEW YORK JOURNALIST TAKES THE ADVICE OF EdWatchDaily.com and takes her children out of the NYC schools and #JustWalksAway all the way to Florida. Karol Markowicz’s Escape From New York Should Worry Blue-State America

“I am leaving New York City for Florida.” wrote self-confessed “New York supremacist” and New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz in a widely circulated article for Fox News. She’s not happy about it, but she’s also not apologizing. What drove her out of the city she and her husband called home for decades was the arbitrary and capricious treatment of students, including her three young children, stuck in public K-12 schools during the pandemic. She’s vamoosing “because they took away school during the pandemic and not enough of my fellow New Yorkers cared. I kept looking around at a civilization that does not value education. Or worse, values it for their own kids, in the form of private pods or putting them into open private schools, but won’t fight for their less fortunate neighbors to have the same.”