EXCELLENT ESSAY BY MY FRIEND, STEPHEN BLACKWOOD: Covid and the Rising Education Revolution

The pandemic has revealed deep dysfunction, but the real story isn’t Covid-19, but the state of fatal disrepair it has revealed. For at stake in education is not a mere component of our cultural infrastructure, but its most vital activity, its lifeblood: at once the means of individual realization and of the handing on of memory, of knowledge and wisdom from old to young.


Inaction in the face of educational failure is thus the sign of ultimate surrender: the end of the road.


And yet, from slumbering fatalism, and decades of passivity in the face of deepening crisis, we now have a chance to emerge. But that opportunity is also an existential necessity. The realization of each individual, those living now and those yet to come, and the life of our culture, our civilization itself, all depend upon it.