Academics are acting in ‘naked self-interest’ on the transgender debate, not pursuing truth, ousted professor warns

Gender identity theory is “egregiously false, terrible philosophy” that undermines the concept of biological sex, she argued, such as through the belief that trans women are the same as those born as women. In turn, she argued this can undermine the sex-based rights of women, girls and lesbian people.


Prof Stock asked: “How could it be true that psychological identity claims mean that we should just ignore material categories and pretend they don’t exist, when they clearly have all these impacts in medicine, sport, science, education, and everywhere you want to look?”


“If I’m right, then they [fellow academics] have built their careers on sand…So I can see why they had a vested interest in shutting me down.”


She added: “They will just chuck everything. And some of these are paid academics – so we’ve moved very far away from the stereotype of the responsible truth-seeker, it’s just naked self-interest now.”