SERIOUSLY, JUST WALK AWAY: “High school begins all staff meetings with ‘commitment to dismantling whiteness’.”

A high school in Minnesota now begins all of its staff meetings with a commitment to dismantling “processes that benefit whiteness.”


Richfield High School Principal Stacy Theien-Collins revealed her school’s commitment at last Monday’s school board meeting, Alpha reports.


“We’re going to start like we start all of our high school meetings, which is with our Richfield High School vision of equity,” Theien-Collins told the board. She noted “100% of her staff” added input on this “vision” last school year, and that every Richfield staff member created “a personal vision of equity.”


Richfield’s commitment states:


“At Richfield High School we believe in providing a rigorous and equitable education reflecting the strengths and experiences of our community. We believe students learn best when they feel safe and affirmed in who they are. Therefore, we commit to dismantling policies and processes that benefit whiteness and other systems of privilege.”