$1 BILLION LATER. Tennessee Takeover of Four Struggling Memphis Schools Backfires with Even Worse Results These students’ lives have been ruined. They can’t read and they can’t do simple math. They would have been much better off had parents #JustWalkedAway.

JC Bowman, who directs the Nashville-based Professional Educators of Tennessee (PET) said Tuesday that state officials spent $1 billion on this program. He said the data he saw revealed 16 percent of students were on grade level under the domain of the Shelby County School System. But the numbers under the state-run schools deteriorated to 6 percent.

“As woeful as 16 percent was, 6 percent is completely unacceptable. That is horrendous,” Bowman told The Tennessee Star.

“At this point, they are just not performing. It is frustrating. You are costing kids their livelihoods. They are graduating and cannot read, write, or do basic math. It upsets me. This is unacceptable. It was a good idea to try something, yes, but at some point, you have to say wait a minute, this just doesn’t work.”